Saturday, December 9, 2023

Raw Garden Launches ‘Micronized’ Diamond-Infused Cannabis Pre-Rolls


Raw Garden introduces its 100% pure cannabis Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls.

The infused, hand-rolled joints are the first flower offering on the market from one of the biggest names in California cannabis. Raw Garden’s meticulous, proprietary growing processes are responsible for its vast library of unique genetics and concentrates. The diamond-infused pre-rolls utilize freshly-frozen cannabis grown by Raw Garden’s single-source farm in Santa Barbara County. Each Raw Garden joint tests extremely high in potency: THCa levels clock in the 30-40% range every time.

These joints combine Raw Garden’s sun-grown, whole cannabis flower with its unique, micronized Refined Live Resin™ Crushed Diamonds. The micronized diamonds are then distributed evenly throughout the joint during its hand-rolling, creating a smooth, indulgent smoking experience. Raw Garden’s joints are made with no trim, additives, or artificial flavoring, and the top of each joint stays open so consumers can see inside and visualize exactly what they’re smoking.

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