Wednesday, September 27, 2023

THC Design Releases Limited-Edition Strain Log Cabin


THC Design drops another limited-edition strain this week on the California marketplace, taking it to the woods with Log Cabin, a cross between Lemon OGKB and Biker Kush. The Log Cabin genetics were fine-tuned by Phinest Cannabis.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2015 by Jairia Pass and Ryan Jenneman, THC Design is well-known across the state thanks to its chic packaging and heralded flower. Log Cabin should be making its way to dispensary shelves this week, but it won’t be there for long. “As with all of our limited drops, we expect it to sell out almost immediately,” says Alexis Bayoud-Johnson, a lead on the Creative and Marketing team at THC Design.

“All of our cultivars are first selected based on their unique terpene profiles and their cannabinoid levels,” says Bayoud-Johnson. “We want it to smell and taste great, and we want it to make people feel good. But since our canopy space is limited, we also have to be selective in terms of a plant’s average yield.”

The THC Design team takes its time deciding and balancing all external factors before bringing a strain to the consumer. “We have a separate R&D facility where we are constantly looking for the next great cultivar. We work with nurseries throughout California and breeders throughout the world to acquire rare clones and seeds from new crosses,” says Bayoud-Johnson.

Limited-edition strains are a stroke of marketing brilliance for the cannabis industry, as genetics are often being tested and harvests are evolving over time. “We are excited to announce that later this Summer, THC Design will have 6 more proprietary cultivars that no one else will have.”

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