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Cannabiotix Drops Brand-New Summertime Strain Blue Flame OG


Cannabiotix introduces Blue Flame OG, a mutant runt of award-winning Thicc Mint Cookies crossed with Private Reserve OG. The new summer strain is a potent smoke, says founder Neema Samari. The strain invokes a heavy-headed high, offering consumers a soothing, sedating, and tranquil journey through the history of true old school California kush. Sticky and resinous with unique hints of aquamarine coloring, Blue Flame OG can help with insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain.

“Although Blue Flame OG is an exceptionally difficult cultivar to grow at top level, we decided to dig into our genetics library and release Blue Flame OG because as a team we love this type of smoke and feel like there aren’t enough classic, funky, gassy OG strains in the Cali market right now,” says CEO and Founder of Cannabiotix, Neema Samari. The Cannabiotix lineup currently has 5 different OG strains: Kush mountains, Wifi OG, White Walker OG, Redeye OG, and Blue Flame OG.

Cannabiotix was founded in 2014 in Southern California. Born in Santa Monica, Samari has been in the weed game for 22 years. “Smoking weed was always a major part of the beachside skater/surf lifestyle that embodied the culture of my hometown,” says Samari. Cannabiotix is currently available in over 550 licensed dispensaries and deliveries across the state of California.

We spoke with Samari to learn more about the R&D process, how long Blue Flame OG will be on shelves, and what it takes to thrive in the competitive California marketplace.

Tell me about Cannabiotix. Where was it founded, how did you get your start?

Neema Samari: Cannabiotix is currently owned and operated by myself as well as my partner and best friend since I was 11 years old, Eran Haroni, which is one of our faded childhood couch-lock dreams come true as Eran and I used to get high af and joke around about how lit it would be to own and run a cannabis company together one day. We recently also released our second brand, Highatus, which is powered by Cannabiotix and is an edibles concept we have been working on since 2016 that offers both super tasty infused sour gummies as well as strain specific, solventless chocolate Chron bons. Lastly, CBX’s consistent quality can be contributed to not just our extensive experience when it comes to growing the plant, but also our heightened level of cohesiveness and our overall culture, as we have a tremendous cast of all-star veterans on the CBX team who share the same passion to put forward the most elite, mind-blowing cannabis products and have been with me for over ten years dating back to our gray area operations during the CA medical days.

If buyers want to contact your team and purchase wholesale, let me know the best wholesale email and then pricing if you’re able to. How long will it be available? Summer season or a few months?

Neema Samari: Blue Flame Og will be available for some time to come as it is part of our new line-up that we are bringing to market for all of our loyal CBX fans this year. Our wave of new heaters doesn’t end with the Blue Flame, as we just wrapped up our first pheno two hunts resulting from an extensive breeding project we have been working on for the last 14 months and plan on releasing 1-3 new strains each month for the rest of 2022. Cannabiotix is currently available in over 550 licensed dispensaries and deliveries across the state of CA but we are always looking to expand our product line into new areas to ensure we have good coverage so that all of our CBX products are conveniently available to our awesome customer base. With that said, the best way for buyers to contact us is:

Do you have other states or marketplaces that Cannabiotix is eyeing to enter in the future?

At the moment we are building a new 94,000 square foot facility across the street from our current Cannabiotix CA headquarters as well as focusing on continuing to develop our newly launched edibles brand Highatus, which our team is super excited about as we have been entrenched in R&D over the last few years and feel we have created an edibles line that we can be proud of as it meets our connoisseur grade Cannabiotix quality standards. Additionally, aside from continuing to breed and hunt new CBX flavors we are also developing quite a few brand new Cannabiotix products that we are excited to share with our Cali tribe and will be launching out of our new facility once it’s completed. However, although we feel like our work is still not done in CA, we definitely have plans to expand Cannabiotix into other states in the future, specifically some targets that are on our radar are AZ, FL, NY, and NJ.

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