Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Award-Winning Country Cannabis Launches New Strain Mendocino Train


Country is on a mission to help consumers win the day with innovative, award-winning cannabis proudly cultivated by family-owned farms across the beautiful California countryside.

Pioneers in “Light Cannabis”, Country combines premium THC and CBD flower to create great-tasting, balanced blends for an active lifestyle. Further proof that high THC doesn’t automatically equate to the best effect and the best high, Country is a master of balanced ratios and terpenes. Recently, Country’s Good Neighbor 1:1 blend was awarded third place at the prestigious Emerald Cup Awards among all non-infused prerolls. It’s also been called the “Bud Light of weed,” thanks to its everyman’s accessibility and unique balanced ratios.

The co-founder grew up in the rural area of Northern California and wanted a brand that was an homage to the rural lifestyle. “It resonated with me that there’s not a brand that’s appealing to this American, hard work ethic,” Jamie told One37 PM. The brand puts its money where its mouth it, even sponsoring a cowboy named Chad Justice.

Now, Country is launching its new Mendocino Train 2:1 flower that takes you on a leisurely ride through towering redwoods and orange groves. To receive Good Neighbor and Mendocino Train samples or orders, please see the Nabis marketplace.

For any questions or wholesale inquiries, please reach out to Country Cannabis co-founder Jamie Feaster directly.

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