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Beloved Canadian Cannabis Brand The Green Organic Dutchman Announces 6-Month Barrel Aged Hash


The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) is a leading producer of certified organically-grown cannabis. The popular umbrella of brands is grown in hybrid greenhouses located in Ancaster, Ontario and Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada.

“We’ve been selling certified organic cannabis since 2019,” says Drew Campbell, VP of Marketing. “Our philosophy is pretty simple; we believe that nature knows best and that by growing cannabis the natural way, it’s good for the plant, planet, and people. If Mother Nature ran a cannabis organization, it would be The Green Organic Dutchman.”

TGOD’s brands currently on shelves across Canada, and some in international markets, include The Green Organic Dutchman, TGOD’s namesake brand. It features certified organic dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and oils. The focus for this brand is on high-THC, high terpene testing buds that are all grown under its CleanCraft process and packaged in its proprietary green, recyclable glass jars. These jars are award-winners, named the “Best Packaging in Canadian Cannabis”.

Another brand is Highly Dutch Organics, a brand with no-frills centered on growning organic, dried flower and traditionally-produced hash products. TGOD also produces Cruuzy. This brand brings legacy genetics to the market via an exclusive grower partnership. Cruuzy is known for launching innovative formats like its popular SprChrgd Duubyz, a rosin-infused pre-roll line.

TGOD also operates the edible brand Ripple in its exclusive Canadian license. TGOD partnered with a brand hailing from Colorado, Stillwater Brands, which offer a unique, flavorless dissolvable cannabis powder that is water-soluble. It also boasts industry-best rapid-onset technology.

“We’re grateful for the support and love that we’ve received from retail partners and budtenders from across Canada,” says Campbell. “It’s great to be building something different.”

The company cultivates and nourishes its plants using all-natural inputs like rainwater, sunlight, and living soil. “We are 100% committed to quality, consistency, and transparency,” says Campbell. “TGOD has implemented a set of enhanced cultivation and processing methods to deliver on our promise of bringing an organically grown craft quality product to consumers – CleanCraft.”

I spoke with Campbell about the best seller on the TGOD lineup, the newest product they’re most excited about, and what CleanCraft growing and cultivation practices mean to them.

Tell me a bit more about your CleanCraft growing ideology at TGOD? What does it mean?

Drew Campbell: The CleanCraft ideology means TGOD’s cannabis is:

Certified organically grown: TGOD grows beyond the standards set for the industry. All TGOD flower is organically grown and certified by Pro-Cert, an internationally recognized organic accreditation body. Growing organically is how nature intended.

Grown in Living Soil: TGOD’s living soil is a thriving ecosystem full of beneficial microbes, enzymes, and minerals. Its ingredients are sourced from all over Canada, including glacial rock dust, maple syrup, and more, and there’s a functional purpose for each of them. These inputs act as a buffet for the plant to select from based on its needs. Whereas many companies grow in an artificial medium and try to manually “feed” the plant, TGOD feeds the soil allowing nature to do what it does best. By choosing living soil, TGOD saves over 100,000 lbs of waste every year from what would be waste materials like artificial mineral wool after every harvest. (Better yet, it’s the equivalent of saving 3 NHL-sized hockey rinks from going to the dump.)

Natural Elements: TGOD’s hybrid greenhouse in Ancaster, Ontario is designed to bring the best of nature indoors. It uses a combination of sun and full-spectrum LED light. For hydration, TGOD uses naturally purified, captured rainwater. It also developed a proprietary aeration system that maximizes clean airflow from the bottom upward through the canopy to maintain ideal conditions. TGOD sources its natural inputs from all over Canada, including crab shells from the east coast, and organic maple syrup from northern Quebec. Maple syrup as an example, is a key ingredient in some of our cultivar’s soil, acting as a natural source of carbohydrates.

Hand-selected and trimmed: The Company’s harvesting team selects only the top colas, the largest buds with higher cannabinoid and terpene content, to be sold under the TGOD brand. Each bud is meticulously trimmed to preserve the integrity of its shape and the rich trichomes that cover it.

Slow-dried and cured; TGOD’s organic whole flowers dry at a cool temperature to let the cannabinoids continue to develop after being harvested. Each bud is given enough time to develop its full flavor and aroma. In doing so, the oxygen and other compounds react with the chlorophyll in the flowers to improve taste, intensify terpene flavors, and offer an overall better consumption experience.

Do you have a product or strain that you’d like to shout out? Tell me a bit more about it, the R&D process, and the genetics. Why did you decide to launch this product/strain to the marketplace at this time?

Our brand Highly Dutch’s new 6-Month Barrel Aged Hash is a premium hash unlike any other. Taking a page from the wine and whiskey aging process, this hash is aged in American Oak Bourbon barrels for a minimum of 6 months, a process that transforms flavor and enriches terpenes. The barrel’s aroma and flavor lend themselves to the hash, emitting pungent scents of bourbon, oak, and orange peel. This hash is pressed into uniform dark brown bricks to cure before being packaged. A smooth, soft, and gummy texture make this hash perfectly mailable on your fingertips, with a more exquisite aroma unlocked each time it’s torn open. It’s amazing how the aging process affects the smell and texture of the hash product and it needs to be experienced to understand. The product recently launched in provinces across Canada.

What’s your best-selling strain? Why is this one so beloved in your marketplace?

TGOD’s Organic Maple Kush, which is a proprietary cross of Koloa Sunrise X GG4, is the best seller. Organic Maple Kush is a certified organic indica bud grown in living soil, getting its name from the maple syrup used to feed the soil it grows in. Its dense round buds with dark purple leaves bring with it a tropical, fruity, kush-like finish, a result of Myrcene and Farnescene terpenes that dominate this strain’s aroma and flavor.

As opposed to the artificial growing methods of most in the market, certified organic growing requires the plant is grown in real soil (just like Mother Nature intended). Our soil is a mixture of a few dozen natural ingredients sourced from across Canada, like crushed glacial rock, crab meal, and maple syrup. Each of these ingredients has a specific benefit. Maple Syrup is food for the beneficial micro-organisms that thrive in our living soil. Rather than feeding our plants through sprays, we feed the soil this mixture of ingredients and then allow the plant to take what they need. The result of this “buffet for the plant” is a strong, high THC, high terpene plant for stores and customers. The organic process is good for the plant, the planet, and people.

For inquiries, contact or Drew Campbell, VP of Marketing:

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