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Bountiful Farms Talks Pheno Hunting, Innovating In The Massachusetts Marketplace


Bountiful Farms is an award-winning, independent cannabis cultivator with a medical dispensary in Natick, Massachusetts, and a state-of-the-art Cultivation Center in Lakeville, MA. Bountiful Farms began growing in February of 2020 and opened the doors to its dispensary in October of 2020. Bountiful Farms evolved quickly from new player in the Massachusetts cannabis business to an important one. Consumers love its commitment to quality and innovation. In its very first year, the team has won 6 coveted awards including the first-ever People’s Choice Award for best cannabis in Massachusetts.

The Bountiful Farms cultivation team is led by industry pioneer and innovator Zach Taylor. Zach is the General Manager of Cultivation and brings more than 15 years of experience to Bountiful Farms. Zach began growing cannabis as a caregiver under the initial medical cannabis statute in Colorado, providing cannabis to patients with a range of medical conditions. He was one of the first 18-year-olds to receive a medical license in the state at the time and was one of the first 5,000 licensed employees in the country.

Taylor works hand-in-hand with CEO of Bountiful Farms, Jeff Barton, to bring cannabis lovers in Massachusetts unique and terpene-rich products. Before Bountiful Farms, Barton worked at various Fortune 500 companies and then left the corporate world to be co-founder of a farm growing hydroponic produce. After medical marijuana was approved in Massachusetts and Barton witnessed the pain and debilitating effects of a chronic, terminal illnesses, which inspired him to dedicate years to learning about the medical benefits of cannabis. This ideology guides his work as CEO of Bountiful Farms.

“Most recently, we’ve seen a trend in the industry with strains returning back to older, legacy strains,” the Bountiful Farms team tells Hall of Flowers. “Our Colorado Chem is one of those strains, and we have a new premium live rosin we’ve just released, which is a gas and chem lover’s dream come true. This strain boasts an old-school genetic lineage even the pickiest cannabis connoisseur will enjoy: Chem 4 x Chem 91 come together with more Chem and I95 all to be topped off with Original Glue. Its rosin comes out with an extremely wet and terp-rich consistency that once cracked open floods the space with burnt rubber, gasoline, and grandpa’s old sock. A truly delicious blend for a knockout gas smoker.”

Bountiful Farm is known for its Live Premium SHO (Solvent-less hash oil). This product comes from cannabis that is carefully harvested to not rupture the max membrane protecting the trichome head. The bud is then frozen immediately to ensure the highest of quality product full of terpenes and cannabinoids. From there, it’s pressed into rosin.

“As growers, we are never stagnant and are constantly innovating,” Bountiful Farms says. “This year we decided to look at cultivars and strains that are ideal for resin production. More specifically this means selecting phenotypes that contain a more hydrophobic resin. Gritty, sandy, granular is what we are looking for versus trichomes heads that burst straight into the water and can no longer be separated. This can be compared to the old oil and water analogy. The ideal strains/phenotypes will consist of fat bulbous trichome heads with a weak neck where the stalk and head meet. This allows only the heads to separate. This is a vastly different approach than when selecting strains and phenotypes for flower production.”

Bountiful Farms went through a massive pheno hunt in 2020 with over 80+ strains for select flower phenotypes. “This year, we are following that up with a hunt of over 40+ strains from breeders who are known for breeding specifically for resin production,” Bountiful Farms tells us. “These include Sugar Shack, Archive Genetics, Farmhouse Studio Genetics, Little lake Valley Seeds, to name just a few.”

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