Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Your Highness Launches Ecozotics, An Accessible and Earth-Conscious Line of Exotic Strains


Becky Rotramel and her partner and head cultivator Sean Rotramel co-founded Your Highness LA in 2013, cultivating unique and sultry indoor strains on the legacy market. “We were cultivating cannabis in the legacy market and getting great feedback from dispensary patients,” Becky Rotramel says to Hall of Flowers. “We decided to start a brand and come out of the shadows to connect with the community. No one else was really doing it at that time and patients wanted to try more of other strains we had to offer.”

Your Highness LA is well-known for its genetics including Melonade, Shady Apples, Shady Meringue, and more. YHLA also functions as a cult-favorite clothing and lifestyle brand, opening up its following to a national and international market. The brand just introduced Ecozotics, a new accessible offering of exotic strains at a more affordable price point, with the added layer of green and eco-conscious packaging. The brand was able to create this lineup by reducing energy costs.

“We have been an indoor brand since we began growing,” says Rotramel. “We have a library of exclusive exotic cultivars that we have pheno hunted from seed or bred ourselves. Although indoor is where we started, we wanted to try an additional tier of flower that was more ecological for our Mother Earth, and economical for the consumer. Thus, Ecozotics was born. We call it “positive pressure” – good for the environment and strong! Our strains did really well in the Green House setting with delicious terpenes and high THC percentages! The flower is great at a great price! We are still working on additional ways to cut down on packaging waste, but we removed the aluminum from the Ecozotics bags. We are working with our supplier to find a consumable safe enzyme to add to the packaging materials that helps break down the waste to create a fully eco-conscious product.”

Cost point for this new offering is accessible at $30-$35 an eighth. It offers consumers an entrance point into these hard-to-find exotic cultivars including Rotramel’s absolute favorite strain of all time is Shady Apples. “It just checks every box,” she says. “I haven’t found anything else that I love more than Shady!”

Why did you decide to launch this product on the market at this time? “Our strains are industry proven and bringing them to a Green House has allowed us to bring the cost down to $30 an 8th! We’ve been in this process finding the right space and quality for the Ecozotics for about a year. After Covid, inflation, the possible recession, we feel like the consumer needs a great product at an affordable price. With this new tier, smoking our strains doesn’t have to be a delicacy, you can smoke great tasting weed on a regular basis. One of our mottos is ‘Treat Yourself Like Royalty’ and we truly believe that Ecozotics has hit that mark of excellence.”

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