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Agricola Flower & Nursery and La Fresa Represent The Best Of Sonoma County Cannabis


Dr. Natasha Khallouf is a first-generation American, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Today, Dr. Khallouf is the first and only brown, female, equity holder in Sonoma County, California. She has been cultivating for almost 20 years and served proposition 215 patients during the medical, caregiver days. She believes the best medicine is grown under the sun in a regenerative fashion.

Agricola is a Latinx female-owned and operated equity farm that grows beautiful legacy flower. It has become a mainstay in Sonoma County and is currently the longest-running cultivation permit and the only remaining female licensed cultivation in the county. As Chief Executive Officer of Agricola Flower and Nursery, Dr. Khallouf specializes in organic and regenerative cannabis farming. Her cannabis business is 100% self-funded. Dr. Khallouf is also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and an active community leader advocating for people to gain access to medicine, land, community, and resources.

Agricola’s offering La Fresa Flower is a play on Dr. Khallouf’s roots as a young girl growing up in LA. It is meant to appeal to Latinx consumers to inspire them to create opportunities in their own lives. La Fresa is a representation that a girl from the block can grow up, get educated, and create the dream she thought she never had access to.

La Fresa’s beloved Strawberry Cough strain is a near pure sativa. The classic Strawberry Cough offers uplifting and euphoric effects, consistently testing over 28% THC. Most recently the Strawberry Cough from La Fresa was acknowledged and awarded by the first ever inclusion of cannabis in the annual California State Fair. In addition, La Fresa offers single-source, hash-infused pre-rolls made by legendary hash maker Frenchy Cannoli’s apprentice Belle.

La Fresa is an Equity Trade Certified brand acknowledged as such due to Natasha’s local status as Sonoma County’s equity applicant and to her having been raised in Los Angeles in neighborhoods disproportionally affected by the War on Drugs.

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