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Maven Drops Decadent Fall Strain Collection At Hall of Flowers


Maven CEO and co-founder David Bosworth began growing and breeding unique genetics in 1993. Maven’s first grow was born when Bosworth began cultivating Pre-98 Bubba Kush in the spare bedroom of a two bedroom townhouse in the legacy market. In 2018, Maven entered the licensed market in California and has been evolving into a mainstay brand ever since. Maven recently launched its first flagship storefront in Tarzana, Los Angeles. Alongside smokeable including concentrates and its beloved flower, Maven also recently launched a tonic drink resembling champagne, Peach Creme Gelato Terp Tonic.

Maven just announced the first feature of its upcoming Fall Strain Collection. Introducing Oro, translating to “gold” in English. This new Maven strain is a refined, sophisticated Indica dominant cultivar. These colorful nugs display vivid shades of violet, blue and green beneath a shining sea of trichomes, complemented by clusters of golden stigmas.

Its flavor palette is just as colorful, with a depth similar to its parent strain Blue Lotus, paired with notes of fresh lemon, sweet lavender, and warm spice. While this strain’s terpene profile induces a sense of euphoria, its high linalool content also amplifies its medicinal qualities, making it as great of a choice for healing and aiding as it is for recreational use.

“This descendant of Blue Lotus is nothing short of exceptional,” the Maven team says on social, “and offers some of its qualities you know and love in a new and exciting cross, that’s as good as gold.” Mavens upcoming release of Fall Strains will be debuting exclusively at Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa beginning on October 5th, 2022.

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