Wednesday, September 27, 2023

California-Based Time Machine Drops 28 Joint Half-Ounce Jar


Time Machine is an accessible, consumer-focused brand that has two new offerings for the California marketplace: a vape and a half-ounce pre-roll pack with 28 joints. Time Machine was founded in Santa Barbara in April of 2022. It’s the innovation of Pacific Stone, whose team wanted to create a smalls brand from the ground up, with a new identity.

“Time Machine’s 28-pack was really a way to say, ‘look, if you’re an everyday patient or user and you’re sitting out there, what’s the true benefit of a pre-roll?’ It’s convenience,” says Time Machine CEO Skip Motsenbocker. “We have some fun things in store for continued strain development. We are trying to deliver that value element, for high-demand strains: Cereal Milk, Wedding Cake, GG4. Especially now, considering where we are economically, it’s timely.”

Time Machine’s products include pre-roll packs, vape cartridges, and whole flower bags that showcase smaller sized nugs of the brand’s most beloved genetics. Consumers can expect potent variations of Wedding Cake, London Pound Cake, Blue Dream, Bubblegum, GG4, Snowman, Kush Mints, and more. Its whole flower size offerings range from eighths up to ounces. Motsenbocker’s goal was to create a unique smalls brand for consumers to interact with, offering a bright graphic design packaging so buyers have a visceral experience before opening the jar.

Find out more about Time Machine here.

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