Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Aster Farms Launches Sour Diesel Pre-Roll Pack Collab With NYC’s The Flower Shop


Aster Farms is a woman-owned, sun-grown craft cannabis brand out of Northern California. Founded in 2018, Aster was born from three generations of cannabis knowledge and dedication to intentionality, transparency, and organic farming practices. Aster Farms’ lineup of products is available on Nabis Marketplace and is currently found on shelves in over 50 retailers throughout California.

In collaboration with The Flower Shop, a New York-based hospitality group, Aster Farms just announces an old-school Sour Diesel Pre-Roll Pack. Inside each golden tin, consumers will find 4 perfectly-rolled 0.75g pre-rolls testing at 31% THC. The Sour Diesel is sustainably grown under mixed light at Aster Farms’ beautiful, third-generation property located in Lake County, California. The classic, gassy Sativa offers a heavy, euphoric high.

The Aster Farms pre-roll pack blends nostalgia with sleek, design-forward convenience. Its golden aura makes it a pack sure to stand out on the market. This product is on the market and is available through Nabis Marketplace.

Aster Farms co-founder Julia Jacobson talks openly about using cannabis for her own medical well-being, for chronic migraine. Alongside her partner Sam Ludwig, the duo runs a beautiful, small-scale sun-grown farm in Lake County. Ludwig’s family farmed on this property since the 1970s. Aster Farms is truly a survivor, losing structures and plants to The Mendocino Complex Fire fire in 2018. The brand maintains sustainable cultivation practices, and is pesticide-free, honoring nature above all else. Listen to their conversation with Thinking Outside The Bud to learn more about their meticulous growing processes.

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