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Award-Winning, Regenerative Cannabis Farm Sun Roots Drops Magu’s Fruit


Sun Roots Farm is a regenerative cannabis farm founded in 2016 by Patricia Vargas and Forrest Gauder. Its sun-drenched outdoor farm is located in Round Valley, Covelo of Mendocino County, California. The company’s ethos celebrates its living soil, abundant with flowers, pollinators, vegetables, and other sacred herbs.

Alpacas walk the property and are pictured on Sun Roots Farms’ new eco-friendly packaging, dropping with their new harvest this month. “The designs feature our actual alpacas frolicking in a field of cannabis, redwoods, and sunflowers under the moon and sun, to represent what Sun Roots Farm is all about.” 

Today, Sun Roots Farm is highlighting its popular strain Magu’s Fruit. “We love this flower because it is made up of genetics we have been cultivating and breeding with over the last 10 years. It has been a long journey of working with the seeds and plants to bring the Magu’s Fruit to fruition,” co-founder Patricia Vargas tells Hall of Flowers. “Her first flower came about in 2020, which was really a wild year for most of us in Mendocino County with the August Complex fires and the pandemic unleashing! They say from great chaos comes beauty and so the Magu’s Fruit chose to awaken at this time.”

What’s the meaning behind the unique Sun Roots Farm strain name? “MAGU is the Goddess of Longevity and Hemp from ancient Eastern Asia,” says Vargus. “She is said to brew the elixir of life, bring healing to mortals, and help to welcome the vegetation of Spring’s herbs and foods. Each year we breed seeds from the pollen and flowers we grow, and every seed has its own genetics. With Magu’s Fruit, we find a few strong phenotypes, a blush of purple and green buds, and a more purple variety.”

This year, consumers will find a few different plant stocks of the Magu’s Fruit on shelves. Each unique version of Magu’s will have different numbers annotated: 1, 2, and 3. Redwood Roots will be releasing its own featured plant in its cobranded jars. Solful located in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa will be releasing its own plant stock. And Sun Roots Farm will feature the last variety of Magu’s Fruits in our own packaging. “We have a new beautiful cream, gold, and black Alpackaging of recycled and recyclable 1oz and 1/4oz bags as well as in our recycled glass jars with ocean reclaimed plastic lids,” says Vargus.

Fresh drops coming mid-November. Wholesalers and retail buyers can reach out directly to us, find us on Nabis under Madrone, or check out our web page for more details on where to find our product. 

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