Wednesday, September 27, 2023

California-Born Cannabis Brand Stone Road Farms Introduces Quarter Jars


Stone Road Farms is a queer-run line of premium, sustainable cannabis products for a new age of conscious consumers. Stone Road Farms can be found in three markets adult-use cannabis markets so far–California, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and the list is growing. Stone Road’s product roster is as versatile as its consumer. Products well-known from the brand include their pre-rolls, which have been called the “most beautiful joints in the world,” to infused pre-rolls, flower, and concentrates. Stone Road’s flower is cultivated on a 57-acre, off-grid farm.

Stone Road only utilizes the best buds, never shake, filler, or distillate-sprayed weed. The product lineup packaging is 99% recyclable and made with 100% post-consumer recycled goods. The brand centers on eco-consciousness and plans even more recycling initiatives coming in 2023. For the first time, Stone Road Farms is offering 7-gram jars. These large quarter jars display the best, whole-flower nugs from their harvest. “People are looking for value products that are still quality and this is a product customers have been requesting for years, so we had to make it happen,” the Stone Road team tells us.

“While most brands are moving to mylar plastic bags, we doubled down on our commitment to sustainability by launching this value 1/4 in a glass jar rather than a cheap single-use plastic bag,” Stone Road says. Its cultivation team makes its own compost teas, uses organic predator mites instead of harmful sprays, and lovingly harvests and trims everything by hand.

Stone Road’s quarter jars are now available in six strains/flavors. For sales inquiries, contact Lex Corwin and Sabrina Wheeler

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