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The Bloom Brand Introduces Live Rosin In Its New Proprietary Vape Line Surf


Cannabis concentrate mainstay The Bloom Brand has just launched a new product: Live Rosin, available exclusively in the all-in-one Surf. The Bloom Brand was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, by five co-founders including Vitaly Mekk (CEO) and Casey Ly (CRO). Bloom’s founding team is full of long-time cannabis aficionados passionate about sharing the best weed California has to offer. The brand’s mission is to elegantly and consistently deliver the experience of smoking flower in a vape. Bloom carefully curates strains and leverages safe, reliable technology to provide vapor to consumers. Products from Bloom include Classic extracts, Live, and the new Live Rosin (which launched coinciding with Hall of Flowers Santa Rosa 2022). Bloom’s Live Rosin will be available in three inaugural strains: Strawnana, Papaya, and Kosher Zkittlez.

 “We decided to launch this product now because we noticed a lack of solventless vape products that featured exclusively live rosin oil,” the Bloom team tells us. “Most of the solventless market currently uses extracts that diamond-infused and/or require post-processing to use in a vape.”

Bloom’s new Rosin Surfs are vape cartridges that feature pressed, hand-made live rosin extract. What does this extraction process look like? “The process is relatively simple,” says Bloom. “We pick flowers based on parameters such as terpene content specific for making rosin. We then freeze these flowers to keep them live, so there’s no curing, and then put them in an ice wash to loosen the trichomes. After the wash, we filter the cannabis multiple times so we are left with a liquid extract. We then freeze-dry this extract to remove the moisture. It then gets strained into wax paper and subsequently pressed using a mechanical press. The resulting oil is then activated to convert the remaining THCa and directly filled into our all-in-one Surfs.”

It’s a unique offering from Bloom, thanks to its cutting-edge vape technology in the Surf combined with a real live rosin oil, which is a type of concentrate that tends to be very viscous. The combination of the right strain curation, the authenticity of the process, and the efficiency of the hardware make Bloom Live Rosin one of the world’s best rosin vaporizers.

“The rosin audience is particular,” the Bloom team explains. “They are willing to pay for quality and they typically know what products and brands work well for them. They want to understand how their products are made so they can make informed decisions. They believe in clean, unprocessed cannabis and want the experience of smoking flower in a vape. And they want to choose the strains that work best for them. Their biggest challenge is accessibility and whether or not they trust the brand. That’s why we focused on delivering a pure live rosin product in a simple format, Surf, for an affordable price.”

Bloom Live Rosin is now available in over 60 retail storefronts in California and counting. The Bloom team says the first batch has already sold out but will have the second batch including new Sativa strains, by mid-November. Bloom is currently available in four states: California, New Mexico, Massachusetts (as the brand Matu), and Oklahoma. Bloom says the brand will be available in Illinois beginning as soon as Q1 in 2023. Consumers can find Bloom’s product lineup on shelves in over 500 retailers across these four states. A comprehensive list, with active availability, can be found on Bloom’s website

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