Wednesday, September 27, 2023

710 Labs Introduces Preroll Joint Pack With Artist Spacebrat


The California-based brand 710 Labs offers a new way for consumers to imbibe its popular hand-rolled joints, called “noodle doinks.” 710 Labs just dropped a colorful, limited-run artist pack with 5 mini-sized, .5 gram joints of the strain Randy Watzon. This is the first product from the brand that features mini joints. The preroll pack also boasts a unique airbrush artwork by artist Jasmine Monsegue aka Spacebrat.

710 Labs highlights artists in its limited-edition drops, which tend to sell out. Spacebrat’s chic-yet-gritty feel aligns with the ethos of 710 Labs. She’s worked with Ye and her “haute airbrush” clothing has a punk sensibility, according to Vogue. “Blending fashion and art into any world is a smart move for a brand,” Monsegue says. “More people can relate to the design/product and get excited about sharing it. In the cannabis industry having art involved makes sense as far as the culture goes. Consider who is smoking the product and how the design can make it more interesting to have around.”

710 Labs dropped an exclusive run pre-roll pack of joints with the aerosol artist Spacebrat.
710 Labs dropped an exclusive run pre-roll pack of joints with the aerosol artist Spacebrat.

The joints are unique in their twisted fusilli noodle as the crutch. The brand and its consumers swear by the noodle crutch’s optimal airflow. Alongside innovation 710 Labs is also quality-obsessed. “A lot of the preroll market right now is saturated with machine-rolled, shake-laden, and often distillate-infused, products. We decided to put our spin on them and make the highest quality version possible,” says Ian Skelly, Chief Innovation Officer at 710 Labs. “We think our doinks are a way to bring a high-quality, hand-rolled cannabis experience without machines to anyone who may not have the time or skill to roll them on their own.” He says that 710 Labs uses exclusively “top colas, no shake, trim or bad buds ever.”

710 Labs is currently on shelves in California, Colorado, and now Florida. For more information and to speak with their sales contact, Adam Jacobs, VP of Sales, email

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