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Cult-Favorite Cultivators and Award-Winning Breeders Fig Farms Introduce Doppelganger


Fig Farms is a California-born cannabis cultivator and breeder based in Oakland. Its Co-Founders, husband and wife team Keith Healy and Chloe Healy, started Fig Farms in a humble garage in Sonoma County. Today, they operate out of a 27,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. Fig Farms’ unique flower is now available in three markets: California, Arizona, and Illinois. 

Fig Farms breeds strains with unfamiliar terpenes that disrupt the dessert-focused California marketplace. Impeccable quality is the hallmark of Fig Farms, as evidenced by first-place awards for breeding and cultivating from The Emerald Cup and High Times, who lovingly called its grow an “exotics factory.”

Fig Farms introduces a new strain to the California marketplace: meet Doppelganger. The Doppelganger strain was created by crossing Fig Farms’ popular Purple Fig with Purple Fig ­­Pollen 1 #8, also known as Purple Fig F2 ‘the Tenderloin phenotype.’ “Our breeding work on Doppelganger spans more than five years,” the Fig Farms team tells Hall of Flowers. “Our Doppelganger strain has a complex lineage, including Romulan, Green Crack, Chemdog, Afgoo, Haze, and Blockhead.”

“Doppelganger and Tenderloin are sister phenotypes of Purple Fig F2, discovered years apart from each other. The tenderloin pheno had an undeniable funk terpene profile reminiscent of a midnight stroll down O’Farrell street in San Francisco,” the Fig Farms team tells us.

Their years spent breeding this unique strain have paid off in Doppelganger. “We eventually found a phenotype nearly identical to Tenderloin, but with improved terpenes and appearance. We now call this twin Doppelganger,” Fig Farms says. “Doppelganger has the funkiness of Tenderloin, with an added tropical floral complexity. Doppelganger quickly became a Fig Farms staff favorite for its intense aromatics and glistening frost.”

Fig Farms had over 20 phenotypes of Purple Fig F2 in the seed hunt when finding its winner, Doppelganger. “We brought this strain out so that we could demonstrate to consumers the genetic evolution of our strains since this is second-generation Purple Fig,” the team at Fig Farms explains. “While R&D’ing the phenotypes, we consider the smell and taste profile, the burn of the flower, the effects, the look of the flower, and how the plant grows.”

 Find out more about Fig Farms, and reach out to its sales lead Michael Doten here:

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