Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Source Cannabis Announces First-Ever Concentrates Product, Source Xtracts Live Rosin


Source Cannabis is a legacy brand with a desire to serve the highest quality cannabis products to consumers. Founded in 2003 in the Bay Area, now headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Source recognizes a need for natural, organic cannabis in the market. Source leverages its Clean Green Certified cultivator’s knowledge of plant nutrients and soil sciences to grow the best cannabis in California.

For almost 20 years, Source Cannabis and its founders Amjad Atari and Ali Kafaii have been committed to unwavering quality of offerings, service, and ethos. As legacy cultivators, they are dedicated to impacting change and sharing their expertise with those most impacted by the War on Drugs.

“The products we will be featuring at Hall of Flowers will be our full suite: Source flower; Towers – our premium Source pre-rolls; and our newest product line Source Xtracts – our premium live rosin offerings,” the team tells us. “As this is our very first Hall of Flowers, we wanted to make a splash within the event and showcase the quality of our premium product offerings.”

“While the California market is quite familiar with our flower and pre-rolls, releasing Source Xtracts, at an event in Northern California where some of the best hash makers in the world are from seemed only right,” the Source team tells us. “We’ve chosen specifically to go into the live rosin category, foregoing live resin to match with our company ethos of providing the cleanest possible consumable we can. We hope that unlocking this avenue for us will lead us to continue to bring new SKU items into production, such as live rosin edibles and much more in 2023.”

Flower and pre-rolls from Source have been on the market for some time now, known for their unmistakable, iridescent, and brightly-colored holographic packaging. The brand-new Source Xtracts will be available to order at the show itself with specialized show pricing. Source is on shelves across California in over 200 retailer storefronts. Source says consumers can look forward to the company’s expansion to Maryland, Massachusetts, and Arizona by end of Q4 2022. 

For wholesale inquiries, please reach out to Cameron Sawyer, Director of Sales, at

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