A Golden State Announces Its Entrance Into Concentrates With A Solventless Live Rosin Vaporizer

A Golden State cannabis brand

Born under the Cascade mountains of Northern California, A Golden State is both a brand and a state of being. Its cannabis strains offer unique genetics to the marketplace, with best-sellers including Carmel Apple, Lava Flower, Night Sky, Sunbeam, Woods, Silver Cloud, and more. A Golden State was founded in 2019 by Nishant Reddy, CEO & Co-Founder, and Rob Masterson, Head Cultivator & Co-Founder. It is now available in over 100 shops across California.

A Golden State has blossomed into one of California’s leaders in the highest quality cannabis flower. No one cultivates like A Golden State. The brand is differentiated by its award-winning, exotic genetics, sustainable and clean cultivation practices, and premium indoor flower watered using snowmelt from Mount Shasta. Its cannabis plants are raised in exclusively natural soil derived from coconut hulls.

A Golden State introduces the Solventless Live Rosin Vaporizer, its brand’s first-ever foray into concentrates. “While we remain a flower-focused brand, we’re excited to tap into the concentrate world, offering loyal customers and new ones alike a different way of experiencing our premium cultivars,” A Golden State tells Hall of Flowers. These solventless, chemical-free, full-spectrum vapes are made using fresh-frozen flower. The result is an accessible and smooth offering of A Golden State’s exotic strain lineup.

“We believe this pen provides a more accessible and discreet way for people to enjoy our products, ultimately expanding our reach to a whole other demographic of users looking for more convenient, subtle ways to consume.”

The vape’s battery is designed to not overheat the rosin past its ideal temperature. A ceramic core encompasses the mechanism’s heating elements, which offers another chemical-free alternative to vapes on the market that may contain glycol. The pen is also rechargeable.

“We’ve spent the last two years perfecting this unique product, using the purest form of extraction— only water and ice, pressure and heat,” A Golden State says. “Our exotic, proprietary genetics are harvested and frozen within 30 minutes of being cut, preserving the volatile terpenes typically lost during the drying and curing process. The solventless extraction then preserves the maximum amount of native phytochemicals retaining an identical ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the original plant source material, ultimately creating an exceptional live rosin. The stylish, easy-to-use vaporizer also features tailored battery settings, which were carefully engineered to heat to the optimal temperature for a true-to-strain, full-spectrum experience.”

A Golden State’s solventless live rosin vaporizer is currently available in the strains Woods, Caramel Apple, and coming soon in Snow Dream. The pen also comes with a complimentary vegan, leather sleeve for each purchase. The new vape from A Golden State just hit shelves in California mid-July with an exclusive launch at Sweet Flower shops in LA. Sweet Flower Studio City sold out on their first day of hitting shelves. They are now available in Serra in LA, ERBA in LA, OnaLife in LA, and High Times Shasta Lake.

Reach out to sales@vantagepointdistro.com for inquiries.

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