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Award-Winning Edible Brand Queen Mary Offers Daily Cannabis Regimen


Queen Mary is an Award-Winning, WOC-owned social equity edible brand that offers a unique and potent alternative to addictive prescription drugs. Tiana Woodruff is the Founder and CEO of Queen Mary and boasts 20 years of sales experience. “I started Queen Mary on my own without financial backing or any investors. As a low-income California resident, this has not been easy,” says Woodruff. Growing up, her family lived in one of the lowest-income zip codes in LA. “I have witnessed the War on Drugs and seen the disproportionate impact it has had on my friends, neighbors, and family firsthand,” she says.

That’s why Woodruff has dedicated her career and brand to rewriting history for her community and combatting the mental health and drug crises in America. “Helping families stay together and empowering women is my focus,” says Woodruff. The Founder is currently a foster mom to at-risk youth and donates to charities including the Safety Harbor Kids, The Upward Bound House, and the Good Shepard Center.

“There are many people behind bars for cannabis that shouldn’t be there and the effect it has had on the community left behind, mostly women and children, that are either put in a broken foster system or left with little or no resources to support their family is a big issue,” says Woodruff. “We want to help families get the resources they need to get off the streets and keep families together.”

Queen Mary has an exclusive partnership with the manufacturing company Green Rush Alliances. Queen Mary offers 3 SKUs as the first and only daily cannabis regimen on the market. The offering of products comes in 3 steps:

  1. In the morning, you take a dropper of BOOST. This is Queen Mary’s THC and THCV fast-acting coffee tincture. It is infused with Vitamin D and gives you the much need motivation and boost to start your day. You can add it to your morning coffee or drop it directly under your tongue.
  2. ENCHANTED is for that mid-day low. This delicious 10mg gummy is infused with Rhodiola and B-12. It helps with anxiety and depression and provides you with focus and motivation to keep you working throughout the day.
  3. MOONSTRUCK is Queen Mary’s sleep-aid gummy. It contains 10mg of THC and 5mg of CBN which provides consumers with a pain-relieving, full night’s rest.

“Our products are formulated with natural vitamins and supplements for a more focused and targeted effect,” says Woodruff. “All of our products are nano-emulsion fast-acting full spectrum Rosin. They are also Vegan, gluten-free, with no added sugars or artificial colorings.”

Since its launch 9 months ago, Queen Mary has Won 4 awards including The Emerald Cup, The Farmer’s Cup People’s Choice for best edible, Judge’s Choice for best effect, and a WeedCon Cup. Queen Mary is in retailers Farmacy ( 4 locations), Gorilla RX, Josephine & Billies, 64& Hope (2 locations), Essence, Rose Collective, and growing.

Wholesale Pricing

Enchanted $8; Moonstruck $9; Boost $20

Connect with the Queen Mary team today:

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