Saturday, December 9, 2023

Claybourne Co. Launches Flyers Flight Packs In Three Varieties


The team at Claybourne Co. offers a new product to the California marketplace: 3-gram Flyers Flight Packs. Consumers find a flight of three unique Claybourne strains, with 2 half-gram pre-rolls for each so connoisseurs can try the most popular genetics from the brand. All of these new Flyers are made using premium indoor-grown flower using full nugs and never trim or shake.

The three varieties are:

  • Face Melters Indica: The Judge, Black Triangle OG, Divine Storm
    • Fast Lane Sativa: Durban Poison, Strawberry C.R.E.A.M., Jack Herer
  • Bake Sale Dessert: Gush Mints, Banana Sherbet, Wedding Cake.

Self-proclaimed outsiders, but no strangers to the cannabis space, Claybourne Co. was founded in 2017 by a small group of family and friends in Southern California. “Dedicated to the craft of cannabis cultivation, we’ve chosen to pave our own way in cannabis rather than conform to the existing hype,” Claybourne tells Hall of Flowers. Currently on shelves in about 275 stores across California, Claybourne Co. is just getting started.

“After launching multiple limited-edition variety flower packs this year, we found that the excitement and feedback generated from these offerings opened our eyes to a gap in the pre-roll variety segment,” the Claybourne team says. “In typical Claybourne fashion, we dove in head first, threw some colors at the wall and created our first set of Flyers Flight Packs.”

The brand says the Flyers Flight Packs is an accessible and cost-effective way for new customers to be introduced to Claybourne’s best-selling strains. “With unique naming conventions and fun color palettes, we hope consumers have as much fun with these packs as we did creating them,” they told us.

Flyers Flight Packs just hit the market recently and “are generating quite the buzz,” the Claybourne team says. Stay tuned for more additions to the Flyers Flight Pack family dropping soon.

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