East Coast Darling Theory Wellness Drops Chocolate Edible Bar in Lemon Ginger

Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness introduces a new Dark Chocolate bar to its edible lineup: seductive and zingy Lemon Ginger. The bars are 64% cacao, 20 pieces each, at close to 100 milligrams of THC per bar, and available in Maine and Massachusetts

Theory Wellness was co-founded in 2015 by Brandon Pollock and Nick Friedman. The duo of entrepreneurs met during college and have partnered on several projects since. Currently, Pollock serves as the Chief Executive Operator, and Nick is the Chief Strategy Officer of Theory Wellness. Together, they have become one of the most popular umbrella of brands on the East Coast today serving both the medical and adult-use markets.

How did the team decide on Lemon Ginger, and why did they bring it to the market at this time? “The process began with finding the right dark chocolate base,” Theory Wellness tells Hall of Flowers. “Our single source varietal chocolate is 100% traceable, meaning that the cocoa used to create it comes from a single place of origin versus being blended, which many manufacturers do.” The bars are 64% cacao, 20 pieces at close to 100 milligrams of THC per bar.

“From there, we wanted to explore flavor compounds light enough to add dimension to complement the robust natural flavor,” the Theory team says. “We tried many different taste profiles and landed on a handful of interesting combinations that were not the ‘standard, out of the box’ palate.”

The Theory team chose Lemon Ginger as it was the perfect combination of a slightly acidic citrus profile with a subtle peppery – ginger accent, all contrasted by the rich dark chocolate. “Lemon Ginger is a well-tested combination, but when paired with the lusciousness of the dark chocolate, it played well, and it tested very well with staff,” Theory says. “There was something about the mouthfeel and finish that sold us.”

Find Theory available in Maine and Massachusetts, including the edible lineup alongside a roster of other cannabis products from Theory. Those interested can reach out at wholesale@theorywellness.org, and a member of our team will connect.

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