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Latina-Owned Rich&Rose Honors Women In Cannabis


Rich&Rose is a Latina-owned and operated cannabis company. The father and daughter duo of Co-Founders Joshua Rich and Isabella Rich carry on their family’s agricultural legacy with Rich&Rose.

CEO and Co-Founder Isabella Rich was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California—a city with a thriving, diverse cannabis and alternative healing method culture. Her passion for health, wellness, and devotion to a plant-based diet inspired her to create a variety of products reflecting those core values. In early 2020, Rich saw a need for a healthy gummy alternative in the cannabis market and set out to release a tasty edible that all consumers could enjoy regardless of dietary restrictions.

Her father Joshua Rich is a leader and pioneer in the cannabis industry with over 25 years of experience. Rich began his cannabis career in the early 90s when he saw a societal shift of consumers pushing weed to cultural center stage. Fast forward to today, Rich became the Founder and CEO of Rich Global Corp, operating over 250,000 square feet of cultivation in Salinas, California. He is also the founder of Monterey Botanical, Monterey Botanicals II, and Monterey Kush Co. His business has expanded exponentially over the years, but his grassroots passion for plant medicine remains fundamental to his core.

Rich&Rose’s slogan: “Support women in cannabis.” The female-focused brand prioritizes health, wellness, and conscious consumption. Uplifting BIPOC and women in the cannabis space is the core ideology of Rich&Rose. “We have created a safe community for women to connect, advocating for BIPOC women and elevating their voices. We give advice and mentorship to women interested in getting involved in cannabis,” says Isabella Rich. The brand also partners with BIPOC, women & LGBTQIA+ content creators, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers in the space. Rich&Rose collaborates often with companies that share the same values. In June, Rich&Rose supported the Natural High Co.’s Juneteenth event celebrating 10 black cannabis change-makers.

They have also supported women-focused networking events with Riverview Farms & Women of Cannabis. Rich&Rose even participated in Cannagram’s first ‘Women in Cannabis Cup’ at the California State Fair. “We plan on hosting our own Women in Cannabis networking event soon,” says Rich.

One of Rich&Rose’s most popular products is its Live Resin Infused Watermelon Gummies at 10 milligrams. Rich&Rose’s gummies are carefully crafted with no corn syrup, artificial coloring or flavors, and paired with vegan and gluten-free ingredients. “We capture purity and richness using live resin concentrate made from single-source cannabis plants cultivated at our family greenhouse facility in Salinas, CA,” says Rich.

Live resin is a concentrate that contains all of its original plant compounds, flavors, and aromas after it’s processed. By preserving both terpenes and cannabinoids, it offers a clean, balanced yet euphoric experience. All of its cannabinoids work together harmoniously to achieve the entourage effect. “Instead of using harmful food dyes, we deliver vibrant colors with real fruit extracts and vegetable powders,” says Rich. The result is a fresh, fruity, low-sugar alternative to your daily serving of Vitamin C in each gummy.

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