Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Rove Drops A New Ice Hash Rosin Product Lineup


Rove means ‘to wander.’ The Rove brand was envisioned in 2016 to encourage enthusiasts to enjoy cannabis while searching for new experiences. “At Rove, we believe in honesty, simplicity, and transparency,” the Rove team says to Hall of Flowers. “Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products that taste great and are created with them in mind.”

Headquartered in California, Rove is a multi-state cannabis manufacturer currently operating in California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, and Massachusetts. Its organically-grown cannabis products, focusing on concentrates, are sold in over 500 dispensaries today.

The brand’s Founders are made up of long-time industry enthusiasts, boasting a combined wealth of experience in cultivation, extraction, and laboratory science. They joined together with a mission to produce better, tastier, more honest cannabis products.

“Our Ice Hash Live Rosin delivers the purest and freshest cannabis experience straight from the plant to the consumer,” the Rove team tells Hall of Flowers. “Derived from freshly frozen plants, this solventless process is made with only ice and water, rosin is as close as you can get to the plant. This full spectrum process preserves cannabinoids and terpenes with nothing added, giving you the cleanest, full-flower experience.”

Rove released Ice Hash Rosin to the market at this time with the goal to give consumers the freshest, purest, and true-to-flower cannabis experience in vape and concentrate options. The brand says of its new Ice Hash Live Rosin: “It takes the handcrafted, traditional process of cold-cured, hand-pressed, and slow-melted cannabis and supercharges it with years of commitment to cutting-edge technology to offer the most authentic, enjoyable cannabis experience possible.”

New Ice Hash Live Rosin by Rove is available now in California, in three strains and two formats. Other Rove markets will begin to carry Ice Hash Live Rosin later in 2022.

Rove brand launches a new product.
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