Saturday, December 9, 2023

Focus V Innovates The World Of Digital Dabbing With The Carta


Founded in 2018, Focus V merges modern consumer needs with emerging technology. Rooted in California, Focus V products drop ship from the company’s DTC website to anywhere in the United States. The Focus V Carta portable dab device has been a technological trailblazer for digital e-rigs, and even boasts an innovative app available on iOS and Android.

The brand’s extensive reach includes international drop-shipping and retail distribution through smoke shops in Mexico, South America & Canada. “2023 will see Focus V enhance its brand presence in Europe with our signature offering, the CARTA 2,” the Focus V team tells Hall of Flowers. The brand is launching a brand-new Focus V product first at Hall of Flowers Santa Rosa. Attendees will get the exclusive first look at the new Focus V Carta evolution.

The Focus V CARTA 2 is the essential Smart Rig. Equipped with an OLED screen and customizable LED lights, the CARTA 2 makes dabbing simple and accessible yet potent and memorable. 

“Our product allows consumers to set their dab session to its desired temperature and vibe through the FocusV APP,” the team says. “Sleek, ergonomic, and user-friendly, once you get a CARTA 2, you’ll never need a torch or nail again.” 

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