Saturday, December 9, 2023

Sacramento-Born Pretty & Posh Offers An Elevated Feminine Cannabis Brand


The cannabis industry has long catered to the male consumer. This creates a market gap, as women make up 48% of weed buyers today. Pretty & Posh is a Sacramento-born social equity cannabis company founded on October 2021 by Alexis Angulo. The brand was created to bring a feminine essence to the feminine plant. “We go as far as priding ourselves from being the only brand that is female from seed to sale,” Pretty & Posh’s founder Angulo tells Hall of Flowers. “Our premium, indoor flower is curated by Urban Roots, the only black and female-owned fully vertically integrated social equity company in Sacramento. By supporting my brand, you are supporting a lineage of social equity and women-owned businesses,” says Angulo.

The graphics on Pretty & Posh’s packaging is designed by a woman European artist and their packaging is sourced from a women-owned packaging company. The bags are even packaged by women and distributed by women. Angulo is a Sacramento State Alumni and medical school dropout. After accumulating 10,000 clinical hours at a family practice in Stockton, she realized that Western Medicine was not her path and that there were a lot of medicinal benefits in cannabis. As much as she wanted to be a Doctor, Angulo wanted to be a healer. 

When she was in medical school, while she couldn’t keep notes on patients due to HIPAA concerns, Pretty & Posh founder Angulo noted most patients medicated with cannabis for a wide array of issues: gout, blood pressure stabilization, bronchitis, inflammation, pain, appetite suppressant/stimulant, cancer, seizures, and to control hyper vomiting disorders in pregnant women. 

Cannabis was proving to be the real medicine throughout her career. With few resources, Pretty & Posh initially launched as a licensed manufacturing company with the hopes of vertically expanding. This past year has been daunting for most brands as shelf space has decreased along with the market price. This business could not have survived without the endless support of family, friends, and consumers, Pretty & Posh’s team says.

All Pretty & Posh products are available for sale in the California adult-use marketplace. As of today, Pretty & Posh products can only be found throughout California. We have had tremendous support from multiple dispensaries including STIIIZY, Vibe by California, The Premier Group, Cookies, Lemonade, All About Wellness, Sacramento Confidential Delivery, Alpaca Delivery, and hope to gain support from more stores. Find them on Weedmaps

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