Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Deep Desert Spirited Infusions Elevate The Cannabis Beverage Sector


Deep Desert Spirited Infusions aims to help humanity create and nurture deeper, more meaningful connections with our inner selves and the world around us. The unique cannabis-infused beverage lineup from Deep Desert is crafted utilizing only premium ingredients like natural fruit, botanical flavors, and natural coloring. Deep Desert’s beverages are made using California spring water and infused using a THC nanoemulsion made from California-grown cannabis. Deep Desert has two offerings: “Spark” to uplift and energize, and “Chill” when it is time to kick back. The even and balanced cannabis beverages come in two sizes: two mini bottles with 5 milligrams each, and a larger spirit-inspired 50-milligram bottle to share.

“For us, the Desert is a place to recharge, reconnect with nature or the people in our lives, and experience adventure,” Deep Desert tells Hall of Flowers. “It is a place to find clarity through simplicity. A place to focus on what truly matters. Curated for any trail ahead, our THC-infused beverages will provide the catalyst to get you to your destination.”

Today, the brand is highlighting its relaxation-centric beverage, Deep Desert “Chill”, which exists to help consumers find their oasis. “Chill” is a premium, non-alcoholic, THC-infused beverage created to help calm the mind and soothe the soul.

Formulated with Suntheanine to support relaxation, a THC nanoemulsion to provide for rapid onset, and lotus flower essence for a bit of spiritual inspiration, “Chill” provides a refreshingly unique flavor with zero sugar and no calories. 

Serve “Chill” on its own, or, add it to your preferred mixer to create your own Deep Desert-inspired cannabis mocktail. “Chill” is available throughout Northern California in two (2) formats: (i) a 750ml bottle for sharing, together, with friends (50mg of THC per bottle); and (ii) packs of two (2) 60ml bottles for single doses on-the-go (each bottle contains 5mg of THC).

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