Wednesday, September 27, 2023

International Packaging Leader Chubby Gorilla Offers State-Of-The-Art Innovations


Chubby Gorilla® was founded in Southern California with one primary goal in mind: to make great products that people love using. Every day, that simple goal informs every decision we make. From the unique design to the high-quality materials that we use in our products, our talented engineers work tirelessly to create aesthetically unique products that meet the consumer’s needs. Chubby Gorilla® thrives on innovation and adhering to the strictest regulations. Chubby Gorilla® has been awarded over a hundred patents and registered designs and serves well over 100 countries across the globe. These efforts have undoubtedly made Chubby Gorilla® a market leader in providing packaging to the e-liquid market and similarly positioned the company to engage emerging industries.

The mission statement of Chubby Gorilla® is “Engineered For A Purpose®.” We don’t just toss those words around lightly. We know that our customers have many choices, so we take every aspect of that statement very seriously so that consumers continue to demand the high-quality product provided by Chubby Gorilla®. When our customers use one of our products, we want it to be a unique and unparalleled experience.

 Chubby Gorilla® has a diverse leadership team with over 120 years of combined experience in business development and have created partnerships and opportunities in different industries globally throughout the years. Our leadership team group knows exactly what it takes to be successful and how important it is to maintain the integrity of a business. They are experienced to lead in branding, marketing, manufacturing, compliance, litigation, design, and engineering for a variety of industries.

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