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New Cannabis Brand ‘It’s All About Choices’ Creates Endless Edible Possibilities


It’s All About Choices is a brand new line of fast-acting edibles that infuses cannabis into any type of food imaginable. The Los Angeles-born brand invites consumers to utilize cannabis in their daily lives with everyday foods. The brand offers over 100 different edible product SKUs, from sweet to savory,  including soups, freeze pops, crackers, mashed potatoes, condiments, spices, drink mixes, and more. It’s All About Choices line of recipes was thoughtfully crafted by former Milk Bar Pastry Chef and Commissary Manager Casey Shea. 

It’s All About Choices has been praised since its launch at Hall of Flowers Santa Rosa for its patented nanotechnology that converts oils into water-soluble powders. This technology makes it possible for consumers to have precise dosing, dramatically reduced time-to-high, and consistent effects with minimal to no cannabis flavor. 

At the show, the brand showcased various products from its expansive inaugural lineup of edibles. Respected industry tastemakers praised the line. Journalist Rachelle Gordon cited It’s All About Choices amongst her favorite things from the show and was elated at the idea of onion soup and garlic mashed potatoes infused with cannabis. The brand’s innovation even earned a spot on High Times editor Jon Cappetta’s Stone-Cold Cop List #29: “They’re all actually just as delicious as they are medicated. What a great combination,” says Cappetta.

The brand will begin offering retail availability early next year. It’s All About Choices will launch with five 100mg THC bundle options that include a variety of its single-serve (2mg, 5mg, and 10mg) offerings. The bundles will have a suggested retail price of $50.00 each and are:

The Collection by It’s All About Choices: Live a life of luxury. This ultimate collection features two delectable cookies, two crisp crackers, two richly flavored chocolates, two delicious confections, and two drink mixes.

Breeze by It’s All About Choices: Keep your toes in the sand and head in the clouds with this beach-ready cannabis kit. Breeze completes the perfect beach bag and is stocked with four delightful confections, four refreshing freeze pops, and four thirst-quenching drink mixes.

Nights by It’s All About Choices: Tonight’s the Nights. This evening collection includes two rich chocolates, two cooking mixes, four drink mixes, and two mouth-watering cookies.

Bliss by It’s All About Choices: Love isn’t just in the air, it’s in this box. Fall head over heels with a seductive combination of two cozy cooking mixes, four lovably sweet cookies, and four chocolates.

Flix by It’s All About Choices: Be the Director of your own movie. Equipped with two delicious confections, two delectable popcorn spices, two satisfying drink mixes, two chocolates, and two cookies.

“We’ve opened the door to a brave new world of edibles, unleashing the powerful benefits of cannabis through everyday delectables with endless variety. From sweet to savory, delicate to spicy, crispy, soft, and crunchy, to wholesome and fresh — It’s All About Choices,” said Hadas Cohen, COO of Powder Nation, the parent company of It’s All About Choices.

It’s All About Choices is the first consumer product by Powder Nation, a subsidiary of Capsoil Technologies. It’s All About Choices was developed using Capsoil’s patented process for converting oils into nanometric, water-soluble powder for a more precise dosage without compromising taste, texture, or aroma.                                                  

Unleashing the powerful qualities of cannabis through everyday delectables in an endless variety of flavors, shapes, and forms, It’s All About Choices offers a holistic solution with a vast portfolio of products. Changing everything we knew to be true about edibles, It’s All About Choices is based on Capsoil Technologies’ patented process for converting oils into nanometric, water-soluble powders, which allows for precise dosage without compromising taste, texture and aroma. Powder Nation is the exclusive license owner of the Capsoil technology in the cannabis sphere.

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