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Mendocino’s Award-Winning Lost Paradise Organics Drops New Forbidden Muffin


The California cannabis brand Lost Paradise Organics comes from a family farm located in Whitethorn, Northern Mendocino County. Bordering the Sinkyone Wilderness and only nine miles from the Pacific Lost Coast, its founders Yeins and Josh Chestnut make this farm the definition of a mom-and-pop craft brand.

Their farmstead was purchased in 2012, and since, the duo has grown 5000 square feet of exotic genetics in full sun and mixed light, organic living soil. Lost Paradise practices regenerative agriculture methods to create a balanced environment for the production of cannabis, creating one of the most unique and premium experiences in the market. The processing, manicuring, and packaging is all done on-site.

Lost Paradise is award-winning, thanks to its pre-roll six pack which took home the Emerald Cup in 2022 for 1st Place in the Flower Pre-Roll Category. The company collaborates with artisanal manufacturers to bring out yearly limited edition flavors of Bubble Hash. Their products are distributed directly to retailers and other licensees in the California market. You can find the brand exclusively at popular cannabis events within the industry, including Hall of Flowers, and at local Northern California retailers like Organicann in Santa Rosa; Mendocino Organics in Hopland; Plantshop and Kure Wellness in Ukiah; and The Woods in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Fresh harvested cannabis flower and new products for the company in 2022 include:

Forbidden Muffin: This is a special strain, bred in-house at Lost Paradise Organics. Parent strains are two all-time favorites from recent years: Blueberry Muffin and Forbidden Fruit. Forbidden Muffin is a sweet, earthy, purple flower with subtle notes of berries, cinnamon, and lavender. Cannabinoid content shows the presence of CBDa, CBGa, and the THC ranges from 20% to 25%.

Forbidden Muffin ranked among the “Top 12 Best Strains of Harvest 2022” by Leafly. It also won two places in Best of Harvest Boxes in 2021, from Natural Cannabis Co. as one of the best 28 cultivars in Northern CA and at Kure Wellness as one of the best 28 in Mendocino County.

Cookie Bread: Cookie Bread has been chosen to be a part of the coveted 28 of the best strains in Northern California for “The Best of Harvest Box 2023” from Natural Cannabis Co. It contains a 1 gram sample of the best harvests of the year and is currently available for pre-order. Lost Paradise Organics will release only a few hundred pre-roll six-packs in December made with this strain.

It was bred using the rare landrace strain called Lambs Bread, which originated in Ethiopia. It is believed to be of “holy precedence.” The strain was later brought to Jamaica. The quest for finding the seeds was embarked upon by Nat Pennington from The Humboldt Seed Company who traveled to the legendary island and found the seeds. Afterward, it was shared with Lost Paradise Organics for the conduction of yearly pheno-hunt projects. Lambs Bread crossed with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies gave life to Cookie Bread— a flavorful variety with fresh citrus, pine, and hints of spice. Testing results come at 26.09% THC and the terpene profile content shows Terpinolene, Humulene, B-Caryophyllene, and Linalool.

Garlic Budder: Jared flower presentations and fresh frozen bubble hash. This cultivar bred by The Humboldt Seed Co. was also nominated as one of the “Top 12 Best Strains of Harvest 2022” from Leafly. 

Poddy Mouth: This incredible strain was grown using the light deprivation system in full sun. Testing results range from 27.59% and 29.59% THC, with a predominant terpene profile highlighting notes of lemon, hops, cinnamon and chamomile. This is a powerhouse cultivar you must try. Available now at Natural Cannabis Co.

Forbidden Cookie Bubble Hash: A blend of Forbidden Muffin & Fortune Cookie strains, from a production batch of only 650 1 g units. Testing results for THC content at 55.60%. Available now at Natural Cannabis Co. locations and Plantshop Co.

Hazy Mac preroll 6 pack, Farmers Daughter/Blue Punch /Garlic Spice Flower, and more.

Lost Paradise Organics cannabis is packaged in glass jars with a compostable lid and preroll packs boxes are made of carton.

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