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Pax Launches Infused Cannabis Buds, Pax Mini, and New Flagship Device Pax Plus


Cannabis tech pioneer PAX launched a brand-new line of solventless hash infused cannabis buds alongside its PAX Mini and Plus vaporizers. Based out of San Francisco, California, PAX was founded in 2017 and has grown to an international brand well-known for advanced vape technology. 

PAX’s new Infused Flower with Solventless Hash offers easy and mess-free pressed hash and weed mixed in a small puck, or “buds” as PAX calls them, that fits perfectly into their proprietary vapes. It was designed to deliver the highest quality, easiest-to-use flower experience on the market, PAX says. 

PAX’s vaporizers have a unique patented temperature control that heats the cannabis and never burns it, which helps to better preserve the weed’s natural terpenes. PAX’s newly redesigned lineup brings out the best of the flower, with the brand’s most sustainable packaging yet.

“The PAX Mini and PAX Plus have been designed to deliver everything our customers want out of their dry herb experience, building on a device collection widely known for being best in class,” said Steven Jung, Chief Operating Officer at PAX. “We’re particularly excited to be able to launch them alongside our very first flower product—all natural, California cannabis infused with full melt water hash. It’s a game changer, not only in terms of quality and potency, but ease of experience—there’s no prep required and no mess to clean up.”

The PAX Mini is the brand’s smallest dry herb device to date. The Mini is pocket-sized and secure, for fast and easy sessions on-the-go. The sleek little PAX Mini heats up in just 22 seconds to achieve great vapor and flavorful, more powerful hits. PAX Mini hits for its size. 

The ultimate portable vaporizer, PAX Plus is now the PAX’s flagship device. The Plus is a discreet and powerful vaporizer. PAX Plus is the evolution and taking the place of the PAX 3, The New York Times’ Wirecutter’s Pick for Best Portable Vaporizer. New built-in Experience Modes—Stealth, Efficiency, Balance, and Boost—provide different combinations of flavor and vapor with one push of the mouthpiece. The streamlined design makes it easy for consumers to get the most out of cannabis with no App needed. It’s PAX’s most user-friendly device yet. New features include larger LEDs, soft matte exterior, color-matched mouthpieces, with smoothed edges for a new look and feel. 

PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash comes hand-pressed into eight ready-to-use infused PAX buds, designed to work perfectly with PAX flower devices. PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash offers the high purity of all-natural, full-flower cannabis with the added potency of full-melt water solventless hash. Each PAX bud has a potency of more than 125mg THC, for a longer lasting experience.

PAX buds are easily pressed into PAX flower devices. They are currently available at licensed retailers throughout California, launching with six popular cultivars:

  • OG Kush (Indica)
  • Ice Cream Cake (Indica)
  • Blue Dream (Sativa)
  • Lemon Sour Diesel (Sativa)
  • Gelato (Hybrid)
  • Chem Dog (Hybrid)

PAX Infused Flower includes 2.8g of 100% California flower with 32%+ THC potency. It offers unbeatable value, at a price of $40 MSRP. PAX is available for purchase on and through selected retailers across the United States. 

For wholesale inquiries, contact Jonathan Bernhardt, Pax VP and GM, California:

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