Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Pure Beauty Launches Solventless and Ice Hash Infused ‘Babies’ AKA Mini Pre-Rolls 


Pure Beauty introduces Infused Babies, a solventless live rosin and ice water hash infused line of mini cannabis pre-rolls. The packs feature 5 individual .4 gram infused pre-rolls in the Pure Beauty classic and beloved packaging.

Pure Beauty was founded in 2018 by Imelda Walavalkar, Tracy Anderson, and Irwin Matutina. The trio founded Pure Beauty in a garage, but now the business has $44 million in sales in 2021. The California-based company has celeb investors including Nas and Timbaland.

“We all know that smoking flower gives you a specific high, which is different from a vape high, a gummy high, etc. But there is something to love in every high. So what if you could experience all the best highs simultaneously,” the Pure Beauty team tells us. “This is a concept the team at Pure Beauty has been obsessed with; creating the perfect infused joint.”

Pure Beauty spent two years in research and development to create the perfect infused joint. Pure Beauty combined its soil-grown, indoor flower with first press solventless live rosin and first wash ice water hash to achieve a potent, extra smooth baby joint. The result gives consumers a clean, multi-dimensional experience. 

Pure Beauty creates meticulous and decadent cannabis products. Using genetics collected and bred from all over and perfected over the years, Pure Beauty is obsessed with growing clean and extremely potent flower. Inspired by art, the packaging and design of Pure Beauty proceeds itself, with the iconic eyes peering on every joint. Pure Beauty’s diverse team is committed to social justice through powerful collaborations, thoughtful conversations and influential endorsers.

Pure Beauty’s solventless live rosin- ice water hash- infused pre rolls hits shelves on December 5th. The brand will launch its Direct-To-Consumer delivery platform in California on December 12, 2022. 

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