Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Beloved Phenos Shine In Living Soil At No Till Kings


No Till Kings based in Long Beach, California, has been a champion of living soil and its benefits since its founding in 2020.

Owners Marco S. and Jake Taylor have been perfecting their living soil technique for a decade, beginning in the legacy market in their hometown of San Diego, California. Today, the brand shows off its stunning variations of Gelato 41, SFV x Animal Mintz, and Jack the Ripper.

No Till Kings cultivates out of a 5,000-square-foot specialty indoor canopy. Hailing from San Diego originally, the duo met in 5th grade. They began growing in 2017 during the medical days of Proposition 215 and sacrificed everything to enter the legal market in 2020.

“We’re a really small company and we’re obsessed with weed,” says Jake. It was his co-founder and co-owner Marco who introduced Jake to the benefits of living soil. “It just gets better with time,” he says.

The soil begins with around 40,000 worms per room. Then, the No Till Kings growers will add positive bacteria to the environment as the roots, stems, and leaves of the previous cycle are decomposed. In a matter of weeks, the soil is ready for the next harvest, left relatively undisturbed. The finished product is cured for about 14 to 16 days and then dry-trimmed. “It creates a biologically diverse ecosystem,” says Marco.

“We’re trying to show that you can be a lot more sustainable indoors,” says Jake. “Of course, we use electricity, we do understand that. But we never throw away our soil, we have 12 cycles in some of these rooms. That means 12 rounds or generations of the same soil.”

The brand’s most popular phenos include Mimosa, Cookies and Cream #2, Gelato #41, Jack the Ripper, White Widow, Jealousy, and more.

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