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A New Weed Brand Called Angel Therapy Cannabis Launches In Southern California


Meet the new and ethereal weed brand Angel Therapy Cannabis. It was ideated in the Fall of 2020, incorporated in January of 2021, and officially launched in the California marketplace on November 11, 2022. Its unique, purple-and-pink packaging encases 3.5-gram eighths as the brand’s initial offering.

Angel Therapy Cannabis has four founders: Marta Freedman (co-founder and creative director of Dieux Skin, founder and brand Consultant at Air Milkshake), Lincoln Barnett (brand builder and cannabis industry veteran), David Farrugia (multi-disciplinary designer of jewelry brand Uniform Object who has worked in nearly every facet of CPG), and John Kaufmann (developer and engineer). 

“We have always dreamt of launching our own brand. We believe that cannabis is truly a gift to help us connect with the divine. It’s agnostic, universal and a tool for connection,” the founders of Angel Therapy tell Hall of Flowers. “We wanted to capture that feeling with nostalgic and unique branding– it’s not as soft as you would expect, but it’s super relatable. Angels smoke weed, too.”

One of the brand’s taglines is “444 is the new 420.” Its social media presence plays with the concept of repeating numbers, known as angel numbers, and the divine intersection with cannabis culture. Angel Therapy is available exclusively through Good Tree which delivers daily throughout Southern California from 8 am to 10 pm.

“We started with limited edition, locally produced apparel drops via our nostalgic website,” the team says. “Our first drops were invite-only and sent to our highly engaged text subscribers first. We are passionate about storytelling and community building across everything that we do, so we unconventionally launched by using hyper-personal marketing to our network of influencers and creators.”

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