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Chicago-Born Cronja Cannabis Celebrates One Year With ‘Standard Issue’ Apparel Release  


CRONJA Culture, a Chicago-born cannabis and lifestyle brand, is celebrating its 1 year anniversary with its first apparel release, “Standard Issue”. 

“Standard Issue”, is a wink and nod to its veteran ownership, with stunning military-inspired color tones, as well as “stock” and “spec issue” logos on the front of the tees and hoodies. The color tones of CRONJA’s tees and hoodies also match the cannabis brand’s mylar bags (Motorbreath, Banana Cream x Jealousy). The launch coincides with CRONJA’s 1 Ounce Promo Box with a flight of different CRONJA strains, stickers, hats, and trays. The lifestyle products all echo the same colorways as the cannabis itself.

“We use only the most premium materials in our apparel and merchandise which is evident to anyone who sees or holds it,” the CRONJA team tells us.

“Standard Issue” is just the beginning for CRONJA, as the brand already plans to drop more elaborate apparel and merchandise designs later this year. CRONJA “Standard Issue” tees, hoodies, hats, trays, and stickers will be available for sale on CRONJA’s website beginning on January 11, 2023.

CRONJA was born out of the need to express ourselves openly about cannabis use while respecting the culture and history of the plant. Inspired by the tradition of hand-rolling your own flower, the CRONJA team created luxury accessories to match the elevated lifestyle.

Founded in 2017 by two friends Bryant Bowens and Ryan Cron, the entrepreneurial duo wanted to offer a line of premium ancillary cannabis products as a way to get their brand, CRONJA, on shelves and in dispensaries without having licensed THC products to sell. They began selling CRONJA Premium Leather Rolling Trays in Chicago’s first medical dispensary, D33, in July 2017. Then expanded to selling CRONJA trays and cases in dispensaries and retail outlets across the country.

In 2019, Bryant and Ryan (working alongside business partners) received distribution, manufacturing, and delivery social equity licenses in Los Angeles, California. And at the end of December 2021, they launched CRONJA’s flower line in California dispensaries. The brand is currently on shelves in over 100 storefronts across the state offering both THC flower products and rolling trays.

“We are working hard to bring CRONJA THC flower products to every legalized state in 2023,” the team tells Hall of Flowers. The brand is currently available in 6 states. 

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