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Fidels x Carrots Drops Limited-Edition Clothing Cannabis Capsule Box


A highly-anticipated new cannabis and fashion collaboration, Fidels x Carrots limited-edition box, drops this week. It will contain never before seen clothing alongside never before smoked strains, all with a very hashy, commemorative Carrots logo. What sets this logo apart? The collab features the Anwar Carrots logo with the hash hole center as the “o.” There have been only 500 of the boxes made.

The limited edition collaboration box combines the ingenuities of two vertically-integrated, independent companies: Carrots, a lifestyle brand from the clothing space, and Fidels, a lifestyle brand from the cannabis space.

So what’s in the box? It contains a bold orange hoodie and sweatpants, echoing the colors of the Carrots cannabis packaging. Cut and sewn in Los Angeles, the Fidels x Carrots fabric was chosen by Fidel which was then spun specifically for this drop. “The fabric is a 50/50 blend of bamboo and cotton, which makes this sweatsuit very soft and comfortable to wear all day,” Fidels tells Hall of Flowers. Consumers will also find a Carrots logo on the front chest and left leg, both of which were screen printed in Los Angeles. The carrots logo is sewn into the left sleeve and behind the left leg. The limited-run T-shirt was also made in Los Angeles. For clothing, you can also expect to find a custom Fidels x Carrots Buff Headwear piece. 4 Custom Fidels x Carrots jibbitz for Crocs are also in the mix, with the Fidels founder himself pictured.

For cannabis enthusiasts: the real show-stopper of the box is a massive, commemorative, 3D-printed carrot with a custom Hash Hole inside. The top of the box opens up, displaying the top of the carrot, which sticks out as if it were planted in the ground. The Hash Hole flower and rosin pairing were selected by Fidel and Anwar. They came up with the pairing of 2.8 grams of flowers of Zion flower with a very tasty full-gram Rainbow Beltz rosin. The collection also features a custom Fidel’s x Carrots Bic Lighter.

Once you’re done pulling the carrot from the garden, you’ll also find 14 grams of Zion flower. This flower was cultivated in-house by Fidels in his state-of-the-art facility in Adelanto, California. “This batch for this collaboration has to be one of the best to date,” the Fidels team tells Hall of Flowers. The designer and cannabis cultivator “wasn’t holding back anything for this drop.”

“I got the pleasure to meet Anwar three years ago when I did a pheno drop box that I gifted him,” Fidel says. “From that moment, our friendship and our ideas to collaborate grew. We had a vision of doing a Hash hole collaboration but using the carrot figurine as the vessel to hold the hash hole. Every part of this project was done in-house from the cultivation of the flower, the manufacturing of the hash, manufacturing of the clothing, and printing the 3-D carrot figures.”

The brand will be hosting a pop-up in The heart of Los Angeles on January 21 to release these Limited edition boxes at The Bakerie, located at 921 W. Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, California, on Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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