Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Craft Cannabis Brand LOWD Drops Hash-Infused Prerolls


LOWD just announced the release of its premium, Artisan Hash Infused prerolls. LOWD’s new prerolls offer a new mode for its top-shelf buds and strain-specific hash. The result is a unique flavor combination that both connoisseurs and newbies love. 

With its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the brand has made waves for offering award-winning, top-shelf strains that stand out among brands in the crowded marketplace. Popular strains grown by the craft cultivators include Cake Mints, Mule Fuel, Punch Breath, Wedding Cake, Sherb Mints, Platinum Garlic Cookies, and more.

“Cannabis gets better the smaller you are, no matter what,” says LOWD CEO and co-founder, engineer turned cannabis executive Jesce Horton. “If you have a small facility, small batch cultivation, you have more ability to monitor the plants. You’re growing less strains more often so you just have the ability to dial things in. In Oregon, there are a lot of growers but just small craft growers.”

LOWD was founded in 2020 by Dave Murray and Jesce Horton. The company sits effortlessly at the intersection of urban and outdoor lifestyles. Focused on producing premium strains with world-class processes, LOWD is a significant contributor to Craft Cannabis Culture in the Pacific Northwest. 

“We are trying to add value to the market,” says Horton. “Versus just coming in and having weed to sell, we figure out where can we add value to our consumers, to our retail partners?”

The new LOWD preroll lineup is now available and officially launched in the Oregon marketplace on January 13, 2023.

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