Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Hash Alchemists Axiom Launch Infused Preroll Line Called ‘Hash Puffs’


Mixed and filled by hand, Axiom‘s brand-new line of Hash Puffs is unlike any other preroll of its kind. What makes Axiom’s prerolls truly stand out is its meticulous attention to detail and purist mindset. Rather than using kief or bubble hash, Axiom uses pressed solventless hashish mixed with premium indoor flower. This proprietary blend ensures a flavorful, smooth, and balanced smoking experience that will neither run nor burn quickly.

The family-owned brand founded in Los Angeles, California, boasts esoteric and sacred symbols of “The Philosopher’s Stone” in its branding. The concept of the stone refers to the “sacred quest of the alchemists,” Axiom writes, “To take the chaotic elements of this world and from them forge a material of perfect balance.” Cannabis alchemy is achieved in the brand’s unique product offerings including unique Hash Wraps made with 100% cannabis, single-serve Hash Hits, solventless THCa, Flower Bomb, Hashish, Bubble Hash, and even Hash Caps. Now, consumers welcome Hash Puffs to Axiom’s innovative product lineup.

“At Axiom, we believe that quality hash is a rare concentrate that all types of people should have access to,” the Axiom team tells Hall of Flowers. “We have dedicated an entire facility in Los Angeles to refine and process solventless hash for the avid consumer.”

Ice water hash is the star product at Axiom. “We work tirelessly, separating and refining the resin glands from the cannabis plant in an ice water bath with our proprietary machines,” they say. Consumers are obsessed with Axiom’s niche, crossover products such as its hashish-infused Hash Puffs. The brand’s ideology and motto remind consumers to put #HashOnEverything.

All of Axiom’s products are currently available on Nabis.

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