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Get To Know Paletas Award-Winning Infused Blunts


Paletas offers adult consumers in California a 2.1-gram infused blunt, a decadent cannabis experience.

“We decided to launch this product into the market because we felt that there was an already great selection in the blunt market but there was something lacking,” the Paletas team tells Hall of Flowers, “and that was taste.”

The brand’s motto: ‘When Flavor Matters’ holds true to these blunts. Paletas blunts are a multi-layered cannabis experience, containing Flower, Kief, and Concentrate, all artfully blended with the connoisseur’s taste in mind. Each blunt is strain-specific to the flower being rolled, the concentrate and kief that are infused are based on complementing that already potent and flavorful strain. The experience is topped off with a unique glass tip.

Paletas was ideated in 2019 by its founders, a team of Legacy Cannabis Operators. The brand was founded in Monterey County, California, with the intention to highlight the different flavors found in cannabis while giving consumers reliable and consistent products. Just like the Paletas frozen dessert, derived from the original popsicle born in San Francisco, delivered an enhanced treat using only the freshest fruity ingredients, refreshing flavors, and bold colors. The Paletas Cannabis brand is inspired to deliver enhanced treats using only the best cannabis products…When Flavor Matters! Paletas is found only in California for now and in about 200 retail stores and is expanding gradually.

Paletas’ flagship product, the infused blunt is the product that launched the brand into what it is today. Paletas Mother’s Milk Infused Blunt won 1st Place at The Emerald Cup 2022 for the infused pre-roll category. Each blunt is artisanal hand-rolled and must pass a rigorous quality check along each step of the process. “Our target audience with these blunts has always been the heavy smoker/consumer,” Paletas team tells us. “However, we noticed that this is also the perfect blunt to have at the kickback, for everyone to pass around.”

For inquiries, reach out to:

Tel: (831) 578-5456

Paletas blunts in production.
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