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Koan Delights Cannabis Consumers In California With Cordials


Koan arrives on the California marketplace with Koan Cordials, a cannabis-infused drinkable in unique single-serve and multi-serve bottles.

Koan Cordials are 100% plant-based, vegan, sugar-free, all-natural, and precisely calibrated cannabis drinks. In addition to the single-serve Koan Cordials, Koan recently introduced multi-serve bottles. This is a 10-serving, 100-milligram bottle that can be taken as a shot or mixed in any beverage. Koan offers seven carefully-crafted experiences: Calm, Create, Love, Delight, Play, Wonder, and Sleep. 

In designing its products and considering its ideal audience, the Koan team kept coming back to intentional cannabis consumers who want to use it to check in and not to check out. The Koan team also felt drawn to those consumers who value wellness and sustainability as a lifestyle. The ideal customer for Koan Cordials? Everyone from more established cannabis users looking for a new and refined drinkable to those who may have just started to use cannabis to improve their lives. 

The single-serving Cordials are popping up in cannabis lounges, a beloved way to imbibe weed safely in public consumption spaces. “Guests in lounges are enjoying the option of choosing the beverage they prefer with the experience they are seeking,” the Koan team tells Hall of Flowers.

The brand’s newest offering in Koan Cordial is Sleep. Sleep features a unique blend of Linalool, Myrcene, THC, CBD, and CBN and was designed and tested to guide your mind and body through your entire sleep cycle. Testers overwhelmingly reported that the Koan Sleep experience was significantly better than their typical night’s sleep. The product allows consumers to fall asleep quickly, with five milligrams of fast-acting Delta-9 THC, then offers the calming sedative effects of Myrcene, and the stress-relieving properties of Linalool.

Once consumers fall asleep, they stay asleep: Biofeedback devices on the Koan Sleep tester group showed that 10 milligrams of CBN helped them sleep longer and more soundly. Less tossing, turning, and waking up provides more time to recharge. Sleep is available in cost-effective multi-serve bottles at select retailers throughout the state.  

Geoff Selzer started Koan’s parent company Resonate Blends based on his vision of the amazing power of the cannabis plant that could be unlocked through radical innovation. Selzer is passionate about precision-calibrated cannabis products and founded Koan on a deep love and devotion to the plant. He teamed with a brilliant product developer who understood the power of terpenes in targeting experiences, Skyler Quisenberry, and with an amazing brand designer Henry Steingieser to create Resonate Blends. They were joined by a consumer products expert, Sian Seligman and an experienced business manager Pam Kerwin.

Selzer and his team at Koan are spearheading the Koan mission, valuing the life-altering consumer experience over the THC-per-dollar mentality. The company’s first products are Koan Cordials. The product line offers the security of a single serving, predictability, and convenience as the discreet tiny bottles can be taken anywhere.

Koan Cordials are an ideal consumer alternative to alcohol. The Koan team brings an undeniable level of commitment to designing, formulating, and manufacturing to create the best and most precise experiences possible. The Koan Cordials are mild enough to complement any drink, hot or cold, sweet or savory.

Koan Cordials are currently available in dispensaries throughout California and all seven Koan Cordial experiences are currently available to wholesale buyers through the Nabis Marketplace.

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