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Mendocino’s WildLand Cannabis Drops Mountain Moon Cake


The regenerative cannabis farm dreams are made of, get to know WildLand Cannabis.

Located in the heart of Mendocino County, WildLand was founded in 2016 by business partners Joey Gothelf and Jenn Procacci. The duo cultivates a scenic hidden gem farm high in the Mendocino mountains using living soil and regenerative farming practices. The result? WildLand’s stunning and unique lineup of award-winning cannabis. 

Today the brand is offering up to California consumers its newest proprietary strain: Mountain Moon Cake. “We crossed Long Valley Sleighride (Greenshock) with Wedding Cake,” the WildLand team tells Hall of Flowers. “The result is beautiful and very dense bright green frosty buds. The very robust smell and flavor profile is reminiscent of strawberries and cream, caramel, anise cookies, and chamomile.”

The Mountain Moon Cake effect offers an uplifting high, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It was grown organically using regenerative farming practices in the living native soil on WildLand’s mountain farm situated 2,200 feet above the Black Butte river.

“Our target audience is people who are looking for a true connoisseur smoking experience from a legacy farm and those who care about how and where their cannabis is grown,” says WildLand’s founders. The brand’s newly-released, eye-catching packaging further emphasizes how special its cannabis is. All of WildLand’s design is done in-house using photography its founders Procacci and Gothelf have taken at the farm. “It is a true craft product from start to finish,” they say. 

WildLand cannabis is proudly 50% woman-owned and operated, as Procacci represents for women growers as an expert craft cannabis cultivator. That’s why WildLand Cannabis won a 2022 Women’s CannaCup in collaboration with Hella Dank for the 1st Place Hash-Infused Pre-roll category. Grown in the earth and under the sun, WildLand works with local geneticists to develop several proprietary and exclusive strains for the California marketplace. There is no other strain like Mountain Moon Cake available on the market.

“We are a craft cannabis farm focused on producing limited-batch cannabis for discerning consumers,” the WildLand team says. WildLand Cannabis is currently on shelves in California at 10 dispensary retail storefronts. 

For wholesale inquiries, reach out to founder Joey Gothelf:

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