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P&B Kitchen Offers Crave-Worthy, Hash And Rosin-Infused Edibles


Born in April of 2021, P&B Kitchen is an artisanal edible company with one-of-a-kind flavor profiles.

“We believe edibles should be a joyful experience from start to finish,” the P&B Kitchen team tells Hall of Flowers. “That’s why we craft every product with only top-shelf, all-natural ingredients including Humboldt County sun-grown cannabis.” Its offerings include hash-infused, vegan gummies; rosin-infused chocolate bars; rosin-infused caramel-filled chocolates, and more.

Papa and Barkley is igniting the edibles category through its new darling P&B Kitchen. The brand knows the most effective cannabis products come from honoring the plant as nature intended. That means P&B Kitchen never uses chemicals during its solventless weed extraction processes, and also maintains the integrity of the whole plant for truly full-spectrum cannabis.

Its solventless edibles are crafted using only Fair Trade CertifiedTM ingredients. The brand centers bold, crave-able flavors like its gummies in Watermelon Chili and Lychee. Equally popular with consumers are P&B Kitchen’s rosin-infused chocolate bars in milk chocolate varieties like Coconut Caramel, and vegan-friendly dark chocolate flavors including Salted Almond. Consumers can also indulge in its Caramel Filled Chocolates, a unique product SKU of rosin-infused chocolate filled with a silky caramel center.

For the P&B Kitchen packaging, custom illustrations were created to showcase the brand’s unique flavor profiles. All of P&B Kitchen’s cartons are recyclable and made with post-consumer waste. The brand is passionate about bringing sustainable packaging to the market for the long term and being eco-conscious in its mission.

P&B Kitchen is the latest addition to the Papa & Barkley family in California. Papa & Barkley is the leading cannabis wellness brand in the state, founded with the mission to unlock the power of the cannabis plant to improve people’s lives. Its co-founder Adam Grossman and CEO and co-founder Guy Rocourt created the brand’s first product, the Releaf Balm, in Grossman’s father’s honor (the brand’s namesake Papa). The brand’s ideology centers on care and life-changing products. P&B Kitchen is its new artisanal edibles brand featuring hash-infused vegan gummies and rosin-infused chocolates.

P&B Kitchen is found on shelves across the state in over 240 dispensaries. The P&B Kitchen brand is currently available for wholesale/buyers in California.

Email and best contact for wholesale inquiries:

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