Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Family-Owned High Desert Pure Expands Its Lineup With Nano Elixirs


High Desert Pure‘s exquisite Nano Elixirs take cannabis-infused tinctures to the next level. “We created a water-soluble formula, which means you’ll feel the effects of each milligram of cannabis harder and faster,” the High Desert Pure team tells Hall of Flowers. The Nano Elixirs are currently available in three varieties: Boost, Chill, and Blend.

“We’re huge chemistry nerds,” the High Desert Pure team tells us. “These Nano Elixirs have been our pet project ever since we realized how many people couldn’t find the perfect tincture because they didn’t like the taste or texture of oil-based formulas.” The line is not oil-based, but instead water-soluble.

The brand has also been meticulous in its R&D process creating a full-spectrum, nano-emulsified THC. New scientific studies have emerged in recent years that show the potential of the increased bioavailability of the plant when using whole flower, full-spectrum, or new absorption techniques. The High Desert Pure team asked, how can one create a product that your body will use more efficiently? The result is the super-effective line of Nano Elixirs that are fast-acting and dissolves into water. Most consumers will feel these effects within 10 minutes. Flavor profiles hit tropical notes like pineapple and mango.

High Desert Pure is a family business founded in Oregon in 2015. The brand made its way to California shortly after its inception. High Desert Pure is Oregon’s best-selling topical brand. The brand has expanded its offerings into tinctures and nano elixirs over time, even hinting to gift consumers with a cannabis-infused gummy line soon.

The Nano Elixirs recently launched on the Oregon and California marketplaces within the last few weeks. Buyers and retailers, reach out to for wholesale inquiries.

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