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LA Legacy Brand True Classic Gives The People What They Want


The weed brand True Classic is a beloved Los Angeles, California staple, born in the legacy market in 1996. Its founder is a well-known grower and the originator of the coveted strain True OG. One of its tried-and-true best sellers, the True OG half-ounce bag is a flagship product for the premium cannabis brand.

“Our customers can’t get enough of them,” the True Classic team tells Hall of Flowers. The brand’s accessibility and high benchmark for quality is one of the keys to its success in the wildly competitive California market. The brand also centers on quality and consumer trust: only fresh, big buds, unique for a half-ounce offering. Since money is tight for a lot of consumers, the True OG half-ounce offers 4 eighths for the price of 3.

True Classic is a Los Angeles legacy grower and the creator of the strain True OG. Its True OG Half Ounce bag is a fan favorite.

“This product embodies what we stand for as a brand,” the True Classic team says. “We want to give people delicious, consistently exceptional flower that is always fresh and fairly priced. We don’t cut corners.”

True Classic is a Los Angeles legacy premium flower brand that was built off the team’s signature True OG strain. Its founder has been perfecting the art of indoor cultivation in L.A. since 1996. True Classic harvests every week and does every step of production in-house. This attention to detail ensures only the highest quality and freshest cannabis with every batch.

Today, you can find True Classic on shelves across the state of California in 106 of the best retail storefronts (and counting).

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