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Breathe In Humboldt With Sunrise Mountain Farms


Born in 1999, Sunrise Mountain Farms is a legacy brand founded by growers Lorelie Sandomeno and Dave Sandomeno. Sunrise Mountain strives to enhance lifestyles, cultivate balance, and increase health and wellness for consumers. The farm also centers the environment by producing sustainable, distinctive, quality Humboldt craft cannabis products. The brand is best known for its slow-cured, hand-trimmed, craft cannabis flower and currently offers a line of flower, pre-rolls, and tinctures.

Lorelie grew up in Florida and Los Angeles. She has traveled the world and found a home in Humboldt County where she cultivated various healing modalities from her travels. Lorelie has been a cannabis grower for over two decades, committed to innovating within the industry. Through Sunrise Mountain Farms, Lorielle bridged her background in healing arts and cannabis cultivation to bring the plant’s medicinal benefits to the world.

Sunrise Mountain Farms co-founder Dave has been an avid lover of cannabis for most of his life with over 20 years of experience cultivating outdoor cannabis and responsibly stewarding the land. He’s committed to developing new growing techniques combined with Korean Natural Farming, permaculture, and regenerative methodologies. Dave’s experience with water filtration, plumbing, mechanics, natural building, glass blowing, and music add to his well-rounded operational capabilities on the farm.

Sunrise Mountain Farms is both a family home as much as it is a family farm. The company’s Willow Creek community includes people alongside the flora and fauna of the National Forest as its farm borders. “Despite the tumultuous legal transitions, we’ve remained passionately committed to conscious land stewardship, regenerative farming, and raising our family in the clean air, and pristine wilderness of Northern California,” the Sunrise Farm founders tell Hall of Flowers.

The brand works to build partnerships with its local government, Fish and Wildlife, and participating programs in efforts to conserve water, employ renewable energy, prevent wildfire, and protect the precious wildlife that surrounds the farm. Sunrise Mountain works every year to breed and pheno hunt for new genetics. They even host farm tours educating folks about regenerative cannabis.

From seed to shelf, Sunrise Mountain Farms produces small-batch, sun-grown cannabis that harmoniously synthesizes earth-friendly growing practices that support the wellness of the earth. They then extend that wellness to consumers with safe, high-quality cannabis.

The farm’s unique nutrient recipes enhance the natural expression of cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis plant. Feeding and growing a robust microbial network that encourages its plants to exude cannabinoids and terpene expressions that are reflective of its terroir and growing style. The award-winning Sunrise Mountain Farms inspires consumers to ‘Breathe In Humboldt.’

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