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Champion Of Sun-Grown Farmers, Meet Green Gift Gardens


Green Gift Gardens (GGG) is a family-owned farm situated in the foothills of Nevada County, California. GGG is passionate about cultivating sustainable, sun-grown cannabis and is committed to regenerative organic methods. The family of cultivators has a symbiotic relationship with the land, its medicine, and its surrounding community.

“We take great pride in our flower,” the Green Gift Gardens team tells Hall of Flowers. Green Gift Gardens is Sun + Earth certified, and the 12th farm in California to be OCAL organic-certified. One beloved strain grown by the farm is Rosé Kush, a terpene-rich strain with a sweet, fruity, and hoppy nose. “The entourage effect of this cultivar is impressive,” the GGG team says. “The nose and the cannabinoids mix to make for a unique high.”

Inspired by the results seen in their local community for various ailments, the family started Green Gift as a medicinal farm under California’s Prop 215 to provide medical cannabis for products such as oils and salves for those in need. GGG believes that synergy with the world and the plants provides consumers with clean and vibrant cannabis in its most natural form. “Seeing cannabis as a gift was easy,” the team tells Hall of Flowers. “This much-misunderstood plant medicine was truly a gift to our family, to our community, and to the planet.”

Now evolving from a medical license to a legal, adult-use farm, Green Gift Gardens continues its work as a small craft cannabis enterprise. As a small family farm, Green Gift Gardens was very aware of the cost and effort to individually brand its farm. It’s difficult for a single small farm brand to get on dispensary shelves. If sales go well, there might not be enough inventory to keep the brand relevant. This problem is solved by adding the product of multiple, like-minded farms.  This spurred the birth of Sierra Sungrown, a grassroots, member-funded organization in Nevada County.  

Green Gift Gardens, a craft cannabis brand in the Sierra Nevada county of California.

GGG helped to create a local environment where other craft farms can succeed and thrive by co-founding the Sierra Sungrown Cooperative. In the Sierra Sungrown Cooperative, GGG joined forces with other family farms in the Sierra Foothills to create a sustainable, thriving brand with a local and national presence. The Sierra Sungrown Cooperative is a team of world-class, OCAL organic-certified cultivators who take advantage of bulk-buying of supplies, build a knowledge base and “living” SOPs, release multiple products with proprietary genetics, and collectively work to create the highest quality sun-grown cannabis.

“Our farms have the intention to build a community-driven thriving cannabis cooperative that promotes the heritage, legacy and lifestyle of small artisanal farmers while reflecting and enhancing its unique regional environment,” the GGG team tells us.

GGG’s family team consists of a mother and three adult children who are all equal partners. Patricia Rockwell, one of the founders of Green Gift Gardens, is a former tech executive and has been involved in many non-profits in a variety of roles. A member of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance Political Strategy Committee and a former board member, she is committed to working with local small farms, county staff and supervisors to continue reasonable cannabis policy.

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