Saturday, December 9, 2023

BEED Teams Up With THC Design For A Limited-Edition Crescendo Release


The innovative Capsule cannabis and tech brand BEED has reinvented how modern joints are rolled. Called the “Nespresso” of weed by the LA Times, BEED’s proprietary Capsule system offers .5 grams of pre-ground flower that can be inserted into its unique joint-rolling machine to roll the perfect joint every time. BEED’s Capsules even preserve terpenes 40% longer than traditional packaging, are fully recyclable, and provide consumers with an entirely new form factor for flower. It’s no wonder that leading California cultivators are looking to BEED for a new SKU and new flower possibilities for consumers.

BEED is launching its very first collaborative product with LA-based legacy cultivator THC Design. The timing of BEED’s latest launch is specific to the cultivation cycle of THC Design’s popular Crescendo strain. “We wanted to ensure that we launched our collaboration with a truly unique and universally beloved strain, and Crescendo’s high THC percentage paired with sativa-dominant effects made it the ideal starting point,” the BEED team tells Hall of Flowers. “We also wanted to ensure that this product hit the market during an otherwise slow point between the holiday & 4/20 rushes to provide our retail partners with something special to talk about during the ‘off-season.'”

Ideation for BEED began 8 years ago when the brand’s co-founder & CEO was prompted to enter his first dispensary in LA. He purchased everything needed for his preliminary session (flower, grinder, papers, rolling tray—safe to say that the budtender nailed the upsell) only to get home and realize he didn’t know how to roll. Thankfully, a friend came over and helped him roll. The founder loved the experience and went back the next day to the same dispensary. He purchased the same flower and had the same friend roll a joint for him, but this time, felt nothing.

BEED’s founder saw this problem as an opportunity. While he never considered himself a smoker, after trying it, he loved it. For him, the only downside was the effects could be inconsistent, and the process was cumbersome and messy for many modern consumers. Then he saw his Nespresso Machine on the counter and the lightbulb clicked on. The CEO of BEED pulled some strings and spent 3 months in Switzerland at Nespresso’s headquarters. He came back to the states with the blueprint for a Caspule-based cannabis system, BEED. Today, BEED machines and line of Capsules are stocked in dispensaries, lounges, and delivery platforms across California. Consumers can find the BEED machine inside accessory shops across the U.S., made for both THC and CBD products.

The limited-release Crescendo BEED offering with THC Design is currently exclusively available through AMUSE. For questions or inquiries, reach out to or

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