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Sun-Grown Cannabis Farm The Bohemian Chemist Drops Spiritus Mundi


Second-generation, legacy, sun-grown farm The Bohemian Chemist went back to its medicinal roots to launch its new cannabis lineup of products called Spiritus Mundi. The brand’s stunning design and artwork echo the 1920s, painting a similar post-legalization renaissance picture for cannabis.

Seeking and developing cultivars that respond in a more profound way to the endocannabinoid system, Bohemian Chemist’s medicinal garden produces flower with rare and complex cannabinoid profiles and includes heritage genetics as well as landrace categories. The Spritus Mundi line has been extremely well received and is offered in limited small batches. The line features flower, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and more, all decked in a green-and-gold package.

This product launched to the California marketplace in January 2023. The Bohemian Chemist team also just announced the grand opening of its own consumption lounge with a stunning Red Wood backdrop. The Bohemian Chemist lounge is situated in the brand’s unique bed-and-breakfast called The Madrones. The Bohemian Chemist lounge is truly a unique and visually stunning tourist destination hidden in the forest, catering to both wine enthusiasts and weed adventurers alike. The Madrones is located in Philo, California, nestled between the vineyards this area is so well known for, and Mendocino where cannabis is also made better by the land’s unique terroir.

The Bohemian Chemist was founded by Jim Roberts and Brian Adkinson, partners in business and in life. It all began when Roberts’ 90-year-old mother Rosemary was ready to stop working in her cannabis garden, but wanted the garden itself to endure. The cannabis patch cultivated under medical license Proposition 215 had provided the main ingredient for Rosemary’s homemade arthritis balm, an effective pain relief remedy that had served her well. So as new caretakers of the garden, Roberts and Adkinson found themselves wondering how they could do California cannabis a little differently.

Inspired by the free-spirited 1920s, the pair developed a cannabis brand that reflects both the elegance and the maverick creativity of the time. Its motto may as well have been, “Let loose, but keep it classy.” With a long career in design, Roberts worked with a London-based graphic artist, specializing in vintage typography and a packaging designer in Southern California to develop the innovative style that runs throughout the line of products. 

Cannabis has been a part of Anderson Valley in the southern edge of the Emerald Triangle for decades. As second-generation legacy farmers, Roberts and Adkinson wanted to honor that history by showcasing flower from their own garden, as well as other heritage family farms in the area with the same sustainable best practices. In the spirit of the most environmentally conscious state in the U.S., their cannabis is entirely sun-grown, giving it a much smaller carbon footprint than its indoor counterparts. Pesticide-free, full-term, and planted in native soil, they strongly believe that a terroir-driven harvest that is exposed to all the elements produces the best flower. 

The Bohemian Chemists’ goal is to have geographical coverage throughout the state. New retail partners are vetted before the onboarding, brand education, and full support relationship. Follow The Bohemian Chemist on Instagram to find out about more consumption-friendly event offerings and The Bohemian Chemist consumption lounge.

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