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Oakland-Born, Infused Pre-Roll Brand California Rolls Is On A Roll


Grab your chopsticks and your lighter. The kitschy, equity-owned cannabis brand California Rolls offer purist-infused pre-rolls to the masses.

California Rolls launched in 2016 and has quickly become an Oakland, California, consumer favorite. Created by legacy and BIPOC entrepreneurs, its mission is to offer craft, infused pre-rolls to like-minded connoisseurs. The brand’s premium pre-rolls are free of artificial flavorings and terpenes so consumers can enjoy a truly potent pre-roll in its natural state. “California Rolls will always be made by cannabis consumers for cannabis consumers,” the California Rolls team tells us.

The California Rolls team is introducing its 5-unit Mini pre-roll multipack. Each pack contains 5 perfectly-rolled .4g pre-rolls that are infused with a coat of house-extracted kief. Potent enough for an afternoon office break, California Rolls Minis are perfect for that quick pick-me-up. Each pre-roll is hand-crafted, making it one of the cutest infused pre-rolls on the market. 

What makes California Rolls’ product line unique? The team says its focus on indoor-grown, premium flower and kief allow the pre-roll to really shine in the cannabis plant’s natural flavors. They’re centrifugally rolled and manufactured in-house by the brand’s pre-roll masters. “We decided to launch this product on the market at this time because we saw that there was a current need in the market for a convenient, quality, personal pre-roll,” the California Rolls team tells Hall of Flowers. “With every other brand starting to release their own generic version of a pre-roll, we found a need to produce a premium, indoor flower, quality, infused preroll. We wanted to bring back a hand-crafted pre-roll. Our target audience cares about the quality of product they are consuming.”

California Rolls focuses on limited, small-batch releases containing unique, select legacy cultivators. The pre-rolls are twisted, never folded, another desire for the consumer to have a purist experience that lights well. The brand is dedicated to crafting the highest quality, infused prerolls on the market while providing exceptional value and service to its wholesale and retail customers.

Rolling each California Roll is an artisanal process, employing a team of dedicated artists and connoisseurs who understand this is an art and not just a business. “Our goal is to be the premier infused pre-roll manufacturer in California, across multiple pre-roll categories,” its founders say. “We hire only professional joint rollers and employ cutting-edge processes to enable the best rolled, best-tasting pre-rolls today and in the future.”

California Rolls is really committed to the tradition of cannabis, quality over quantity in every step. “We will never fluff your weed by adding terpenes, artificial flavoring or grease THC results by adding THCa or any other flavorless product,” they tell us. “Pre-rolls should not smell like a jar of Dole Pineapples. A good quality, infused smoke that is supposed to get you elevated.” California Rolls’ ultra minis to traditional one-gram joints gift consumers a natural, purist high. The brand’s parting message: “You’re a couple of puffs away from feeling just right.”

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