Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Stuf Cannabis Launches Decadent, Hand-Rolled, 1-Gram Blunts


The craft connoisseurs at Stuf Cannabis recently launched a line of 1-gram hand-rolled blunts that feature a thick gauge glass tip rolled in a pure hemp wrap. Its Double Stuf’d Oreoz strain is a show-stopping bud, rolled up in a unique blunt experience that provides an amazing flavor and satisfying pull.

Stuf hit the market last year with its 2.5-gram infused blunts. Even with a popular product SKU, its team still felt there was a need for a premium 1-gram blunt to provide a more convenient smoke that wasn’t quite as strong. The newest product offering from Stuf has the same thick gauge as the brand’s 2.5-gram infused blunts, but the design simply made it shorter. This allowed Stuf consumers to not have to compromise their smoking experience. It gifts accessible, premium smoking sessions to people however long they need the session to be.

Stuf is beloved by its clients for providing a chic and unique, clean-burning blunt experience. Stuf first hit shelves in 2022. Based in sunny San Diego, California, Stuf was founded by Ethan Werner, Oliver Greer, Jake Flores, and Sunny Labrosse, who are all passionate smokers. The Stuf founding team wanted to bring a clean and professional brand with top-quality products to the market. Among them, the four founders have 115 years of cannabis-touching experience. Their passion and meticulous cultivation techniques culminated in the line of blunts made by Stuf Cannabis.

Stuf is currently available across California at approximately 70 retailers including Cookies, The Woods, and more.

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