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Halara Offers Sleep Relief With New Cloud 9 Blend


Humans spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping. For those people who may have trouble sleeping, that can be a lot of time spent tossing and turning. It’s estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic, or ongoing, sleep disorders. Sleep is so important for mental and physical well-being and now Halara has a solution.

Founded in 2020 in Santa Rosa, California, premium cannabis brand Halara‘s objective is to create products that allow people to enjoy life. They’re a small-batch, craft company that sources products from southern Humboldt and Mendocino legacy farmers to create unique “stacked” spectrums for its consumers. Halara is a Greek phrase meaning, take it easy – a lifestyle with a relaxed and laid-back ethos. For the brand’s founders, engineering this product was about bringing good-quality rest and bliss to those who need it. 

Halara is well-known for its premium cannabis vape cartridges. Its 4 main product lines are High THC, High CBD, Live Diamond Sauce (100% Live Resin), and the newest addition – Cloud 9 CBN. This product drops to existing Halara wholesale customers beginning April 1, 2023. At Hall of Flowers, Halara will be showcasing the Cloud 9 offering and featuring it for new wholesale customers and buyers. It will also be available for buyers to sample through the Hall of Flowers on-site dispensary.

Halara’s new Cloud 9 CBN cartridge is an expertly crafted blend of CBN, THC, and CBD. CBN is known for its therapeutic benefits for sleep and relaxation. When combined with the complimentary terpene blend, the combination of CBN, THC, and CBD provides full-body bliss that will have consumers drifting off with ease. 

CBN is a complex cannabinoid. There are studies from the 1980s that point to CBN as a sleep aid, and more modern clinical trials are being done to see the effectiveness of different doses of CBN and THC for sleep. It can be difficult to formulate into a cartridge format. The team at Halara has been working for the past year to achieve the optimal formulation that lets the CBN shine. Showcased in the brand’s signature ceramic hardware to ensure the best flavor and hit, Halara’s Cloud 9 has a quick onset and delivery to consumers’ relaxation when they need it. 

Cloud 9 has a 2:1:2 ratio. It contains 37% THC, 22% CBN, and 37% CBD. A proprietary terpene blend inspired by Lava Berries, it’s made with a Lava Cake x Boysenberry cross with sweet, blackberry-meets-chocolate notes. Its aroma is earthy and musky and offers consumers a sweet, relaxing, and sedative effect. Top terpenes in the Cloud 9 offering include beta-Myrcene, delta-Limonene, and beta-Caryophyllene. The Halara team recommends a voltage of 2-3.2V.

The vape highlights blended cannabinoids in a smooth, full-flavor experience. Its focus on ceramic, optimal hardware, and quicker onset time make it a truly stand-out vape product. Halara creates high-quality, dynamically engineered products.

Halara started in a study lounge during the founder’s final year of chemical engineering school. Their professor cracked a fateful joke about extracting cannabis, and the Halara founding team took it seriously. Crafting the highest quality cannabis products possible quickly became their passion. As any responsible person would, the founders quit their jobs to see how far they could take it. 

Halara’s team is made up of passionate individuals dedicated to providing the California cannabis community with top-quality products and transparent product education. Halara is a registered Benefit Corporation that prioritizes environmental sustainability by using compostable packaging with vegetable-based ink and sustainable practices in all of its facilities. Halara also aims to educate consumers by including information about battery temperatures, terpene profiles, ceramics, and different cannabinoids on the brand’s packaging.

The brand’s impact reaches its community through partnerships with non-profit organizations and limited-release products that benefit others. “We are proud of the work of our small team – less than 20 people and very mighty,” the Halara team says. “We work hard to bring heart and soul into our products and have immense pride in the final form.”

Halara is currently available in 130+ dispensaries across California and is excited to continue to grow and bring products to more California consumers.

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